Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

  • We are still battling colds around here.  So, we spent a some time cuddled on the couch, reading our new favorite book.
  • On Saturday, Alexander's bestest friend, Addie, celebrated her birthday in princess style. 

Alexander rolled in as Prince Charming.
  • Our little prince woke up in the midde of the night with a blazing earache.  He cried and cried, and finally fell asleep in our bed.  The doctor told Alexander this morning that he was surprised that Alexander hadn't been in pain for days as it was the worst ear infection he had seen in a week.  Our little man clearly has amazingly high pain tolerance!  He's on antibiotics and should be back to himself within days.
  • It's another busy week for us but at the end of it all, Big Papa and Umma come home!  We can't wait! 

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