Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Wand Chooses the Wizard

Back in March, we started the Harry Potter books.  It was his idea and I was happy to oblige. 
 I'd been waiting a long time for this day.
Tonight, we finished the last 18 pages of the book so we could start the Harry Potter movies.
It was well worth the wait.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday vl 2 - a few weeks late....

Binky Boy
Chunky boy
Messy Boy
Happy Boy

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Few Pictures to Update You

Alexander is growing like a weed.  He is eating us out of house and home...well, this would be true if all we ate was chicken nuggets and pepperoni pizza.  And Otter Pops. 
The kid loves his Otter Pops.
He also loves sitting with his daddy and watching him play computer.  Unfortunately, when he was sick, our little gamer didn't have the same energy level.
What a sweet little face.
Kindergarten is going great, too.  Alexander tells us about a crew of kids that play with him at every recess on the sandfield.  Mommy had a chance to meet a few of the crew and their moms at a birthday party last weekend.  Looks like playdates are in both our futures.
Alexander loves, loves, loves math and that his daddy spends every day at school, leading the class reading groups. 
Big Papa and Umma have been home from Arizona for a week and Alexander has spent 4 of the 7 nights at their house.
He loves his Big Papa and Umma!

Finally, a few pictures from Easter weekend.
 For the first time in years, the weather was a gorgeous 70 degrees. 
We decided a visit to Ho-Ho Papa was the best way to start our day.
"This way, Mama.  He's right over here."
Leaving Dad an egg filled with quarters.

A daughter says hello.
And then she cried.
And that was the end of that visit.
Once we arrived at Grandma Great's, the boys played outside before the egg hunt.
Thanks to Auntie Joanne, there was a giant bubble maker to play with!
Marigold and Adelaide got into the bubble fun, too!
Before long, everyone had arrived and the egg hunt began.
Lorelli hunted high and low.
Alexander found his plate.
A few presents
The Easter Bunny brought Legos, which had Alexander wondering if he had talked to Santa Claus and knew JUST want to bring him.
It was awfully strange celebrating Easter without Ho-Ho Papa.
But Uncle Steve, Aunt Joanne, Grandma Great and Umma gave it their best.
Another holiday and another reminder that life goes on.
Ho-Ho Papa wouldn't have wanted it any other way for us.