Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Best $2.88 ever spent

Alexander fell in love with Otter Pops this summer.
You can buy a lot of happiness for $2.88 cents.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

First Day(s) of Kindgarten!

I know.  I know. 
It's been THREE weeks since our little man started kindergarten.  It's hard to believe so much time has gone by since my last post.  August has a way of sneaking up on me like that!

Several days before school began, we walked to school and met Alexander's teacher..
As a kid, I can remember the excitement of looking at the list to find out which teacher I had and who would be in my class.
Turns out, they STILL post lists.  I love it.
 With a backpack filled with school supplies, Alexander found his classroom.
We waited for his teacher to open the door.  And took a few family pictures.
No, we didn't plan to color coordinate.
After meeting the teacher, there was a PTSA Ice Cream Feed.  Alexander ran around on the playground with Logan, while we chatted it up with a couple of parents. 

And then the day came. 

We took a few photos.

Daddy and Alexander start the 11 minute walk to school.
Upon arrival, Alexander was so excited when he ran into his buddy Logan!
These two aren't in the same class but play every day at recess, which is the highlight of Kindergarten.
I kinda look forward to taking this same picture when they are seniors in high school!

Once in the classroom, Alexander found his space, put on his nametag, and couldn't wait to get started.
We kissed him goodbye, reminded him to make good choices, and left this smiling face behind.

Eric and I both agree that leaving him at preschool was much harder than leaving him at Kindergarten.  It helps knowing he is ready for this next chapter.

Every day, Alexander tells us stories about recess, PE, and lunch. 
I'm sure he is learning something but for now, he has his priorities.

Who doesn't love recess, PE and lunch?