Thursday, May 29, 2008

Alexander and the Princesses

In 2006, when Alexander was just a twinkle in his daddy's eye, Mommy had the opportunity to FINALLY take her Senior Trip. She accompianed six of her students (she calls them her Princesses) to Disneyland. She has shared many stories about these six favorite students and of the trip with just about anyone who will listen but mostly, she talks about it whenever she sees her Princesses because every story is full of laughter and fond memories that will be repeated for as long as we stay in touch with one another. I am so proud of these young ladies as they discover their way in life and I wish for them love, joy and happiness with whatever path they ultimately choose to take.
The Princesses

Stephanie, Mikie, Britney, Kelly
Kayla, Crystal

Last summer at a BBQ we hosted, Alexander met each of the Princesses (and a few of the other other favorites from my favorite class as well). Doesn't Nathaniel look super uncomfortable holding a baby? Introduce a 6 month old to a bunch of 19 and 20 year olds and you've just introduced the best form of birth control out there!!Mikie is married now and moving to Chile to live with her husband. We met at our favortist restaurant, Red Robin, to say our goodbyes. Sadly, Kelly couldn't join us as she is still in Oregon going to school.
We love and will miss you, Mikie!!My princesses two years later.
A delightful bonus to the afternoon was Jen and her son joining us to the luncheon. CJ and Alexander are 8 months apart and while they don't know it yet, they are going to grow up to be great friends.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Hangin' out with my buddies

Yesterday, we went to a BBQ with loads of other kids for me to play with. There were seven of us under the age of six so it was crazy fun. Mommy didn't take as many pictures as she wanted of us outside on the swing set but there are more bbq's planned for the summer so stay tuned!
This is my friend, Addie. She is 14 months old and she has really pretty eyes.
This is my friend, Evan. He is 18 months old and he loves to eat as much as I do.The three of us are best friends. They don't even try to steal my binky.

Evan and I are going to start a band someday. Addie will be our lead singer because she is really good at "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star" (they said I could be a back up singer if I ever get rid of the binky).
We're still working out the details but it's gonna be so cool.

We always have so much fun playing together and our mommies can't wait to have more play dates this summer!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

One Alex all alone, misses the other 4

Hippos go Berserk is one of my favorite books.

I think it's because once all the hippos get to the party...

Well, the title is a give away.

Anyways, I missed grandma this week, but grandpa was a trooper. He even read to me yesterday while daddy cleaned. He might have even smiled too.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Go Baby, Go Baby!

It's Story Time!
The other day, we three head to Fry's, after taking a load of trash to the dump. Daddy wanted a new toy for the computer and we were along for the ride. For wives and children, the chances of fun at Fry's is never high as this store is definitely a man-haven. Anyhow, Daddy starts to wander aisles and the little man gets restless. We decide to split up to save time. I let Alexander take the lead on our adventure. Soon, we find ourselves heading towards the stereo systems. At this point, I don't realize where we are going because I'm focused on keeping an eye on a 34 inch tall child who runs at a surprisingly fast clip, while placing his hands on expensive items we can't afford to buy.

Then he stops. At first I don't realize why he has stopped and then it hits me. The force (music) is strong with this one. With the music pulsing out of the speakers, The Boy begins to dance. He bounces. He spins. He drops it like its hot. All the while, screaming in laughter and joy. Grandpa's stop to watch. Grandma's stopped to watch. Fathers stop and then continue their man-treks. Mother's rush by, busy chasing their own young ones. Soon a crowd gathers and before too long, three employees have surrounded him, bopping along to the music, calling out "Go Baby! Go Baby!".

And then it happens. Alexander freezes, looks around at the crowd, makes eye contact with Mommy, grins a wide grin, and starts doing "The Robot" (google this dance move if you don't know what it is - it's worth it). I couldn't stop laughing, people couldn't stop watching, and he loved every minute. This was the first moment in my life when I realized that I could have cared less what others thought because I saw pure happiness in my child.

As it turns out, the chances of fun at Fry's are VERY high when you are sixteen months old.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Alexander thinks he can drive the lawn mower,
but give him fifteen years or so after a day of yardwork with us,and we bet he won't be smiling so big!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Alexander Wayne, I feel so blessed to be your mommy. You are my miracle. You fill my heart with joy, laughter, and more love than I ever thought possible. Thank you for a wonderful Mother's Day! You and Daddy did a great job - from breakfast in bed, my fabulous new, fiberglass shovel, and a wonderful afternoon filled with hugs and kisses. Mommy loves you.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

It never fails to amaze us that when Alexander is ready to go to bed, he is READY to go to bed. The child will walk up to anyone who is paying attention (including a cat), with binky and blankie, and sign that he is sleepy. Once he is acknowledged by said person (not cat), he immediately turns on his heels and walks to his room, where he will wait until he is placed in his crib. Once settled in his crib, surrounded by three blankies, four binkies, and Mickey Mouse, Alexander will spend the next 30 minutes or so, chatting quietly to himself and, unless binky falls out and he can't find a replacement, he will drift off to sleep. Good Night, Sweet Prince.
We love you.

Friday, May 2, 2008

This is my goofy, Uncle Patrick.This is my happy, Auntie Lissa.
Last time they saw me, I was THIS big......and now, I'm THIS big!
Tonight, Mommy told me that they are coming home this summer to visit me!
YAYYYYY!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I'll even sit in your lap.

Dad read this book to me 6 times today. I bet he was glad when grandpa showed up...

Mommy's response...

It has taken 24 hours to recover from the picture of my child wearing those HIDEOUS colors. Never did I imagine that my child would wear anything but Crimson and Gray. If they weren't so cute (meaning the baby) and so funny (meaning the daddy), I might have deleted this post the instant I saw it. However, I see how everyone is getting a kick out of it; it brought Uncle Patrick and Auntie Kim out of lurkdom so I concede the post is a funny one (but I fear it is no longer safe to leave the two of them home together).

To my dear Cougar faithful, please forgive me! Years ago, I chose Eric because he had no affiliation with that "other" school (never would I have married a Husky) so do not judge this poor Coug for allowing purple and gold into her home. IF Alexander chooses to go to that HIDEOUS school known as the UW (only because it will be his back up school), I will support him because higher education is the ultimate goal. Of course, he will be breaking his mother's heart...

Purple and Gold. Are you kidding me? Sigh. I think my boys are ganging up on me already.