Thursday, May 8, 2008

It never fails to amaze us that when Alexander is ready to go to bed, he is READY to go to bed. The child will walk up to anyone who is paying attention (including a cat), with binky and blankie, and sign that he is sleepy. Once he is acknowledged by said person (not cat), he immediately turns on his heels and walks to his room, where he will wait until he is placed in his crib. Once settled in his crib, surrounded by three blankies, four binkies, and Mickey Mouse, Alexander will spend the next 30 minutes or so, chatting quietly to himself and, unless binky falls out and he can't find a replacement, he will drift off to sleep. Good Night, Sweet Prince.
We love you.


Anonymous said...

you have no idea or perhaps you've heard other people's horror stories and you do have an idea, how blessed you are with a child who does sleep like that cause i gotta tell ya, i am one of those that had screaming kids when it came to sleep time. like screaming all night long, i am going to go crazy, what fresh hell is this kind of kids. oh they sleep great now but the price that was paid was a big one. however, since i love you so much i want only the best for you and don't want you to suffer as i did so i am glad for you that you are so blessed.


bnoperiod said...

Alexander is adorable! That's so great that he lets you know when he's ready. Let's hope he keeps it up! :0) Megan