Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's a Rare Thing

As many people know, it can be a rare thing to have the perfect picture taken.
Clearly, the planets aligned for this one.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

We think he is part fish







The second session of swim lessons came to an end on Friday. The progress our little man has made is tremendous. He is going to start his third session on Monday. His instructors told us that we could push him forward to the P-2 or he could stay with P-1. If he moves up, he will be on the lower end and if he stays in P-1, he'll continue to progress and be stronger when he moves up.

We chose to keep him in P-1...I mean, his teachers think he is so fun and cute so they should have another chance to work with him this summer, right?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

More Uhcl Patwick Pictures

Hip Hip Hooray for Umma! She sent the pictures from the rest of Patrick's visit.
Here you go...
the pictures are from the impromptu breakfast before Patrick left for town.

Whenever we told Alexander his uncle was coming into town, he immediately pulled his shirt over his belly and say, "Uhcl Patwick tickles my belly! Over and over!", while he giggled that amazing baby giggle of his.

His uncle didn't let him down.

There were hugs.

And posed pictures.

Along with his grandparents, Alexander went to deliver his uncle to the train
platform. I'm still not sure why we don't have a local station but...a platform is pretty cool.

We love you, Uncle Patrick!

See you soon!!

I miss Uhcl Patwick alweady

Post by Alexander
*commentary by Mom

Uhcl Patwick is fun.

We played with woo-woo's.

It may not look like it in this picture, but Alexander actually let Uncle Patrick design the course. This is a rarity when building trains with our three and a half year old.

We took a road trip.

It was only from Ho-Ho Papa's to our house after dinner. Jo-Jo came down for dinner before she left for Sacramento the next day so she could see Patrick while he was in town. Alexander was pretty darned excited to have Uncle Patrick AND Jo-Jo in the back seat (even if we had to fold 6'3" U. Patrick in the truck). And we yelled "road trip" several times on the way home, to the immense pleasure of Alexander who giggled every time..

When I woke up, Uhcl Patwick was on my couch!

Whatever one did, the other quickly followed.

Uhcl Patwick and Daddy (and Li-Li) played with me in the pool!

*It was a warm on the day of the family bbq so Umma bought a pool for the kids to play in.
Even the big kids.

*There are more pictures of Uncle Patrick and Alexander but they are on Umma's camera. As soon as Umma send them along, we'll post for your enjoyment.

I love my Uhcl Patwick and miss him alweady.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


On Monday, Alexander and I packed the truck (after swim lessons) and drove north.
It was time to visit Jo-Jo and see her new house.

Alexander insisted we take the Garmin, so we wouldn't be lost. Good move, kid.

We agreed that the binky was ok on the drive in hopes a nap would occur.
It didn't. Oh well!

We went to lunch.

We played at a park.

We played in the water. (so impromptu that he wore his jeans!)

We drove home.

We loved every single minute of the trip.
Don't be surprised if we do it again, Jo-Jo.
Someone I know can't stop talking about it.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Day at the Zoo

Earlier this week, Alexander and I went to the zoo for a play date with Michelle and her boys. Michelle is a friend from college days. She has three boys so, while her oldest and her husband were at soccer camp, Michelle, Konley and Jack met us. We chatted, enjoyed the sun, walked for hours, and looked at all the "aminals".

Unfortunately, we don't have many pictures. I took a nearly-dead camera and Michelle used her phone camera.

The boys and Michelle checking out Happy Feet penguins

Alexander showing Michelle where the Happy Feet live

Alexander has to check out the map so we don't get lost.
"We're right HERE, Mommy!"

Konley and Jack after playing at the Zoonazium

The boys finally pose for us. Kinda.

Moo, Moo!

It was a wonderful morning.
We are so glad they were able to meet up with us.
Next up for a playdate with Michelle and the boys: a bouncy house!