Thursday, July 15, 2010

I miss Uhcl Patwick alweady

Post by Alexander
*commentary by Mom

Uhcl Patwick is fun.

We played with woo-woo's.

It may not look like it in this picture, but Alexander actually let Uncle Patrick design the course. This is a rarity when building trains with our three and a half year old.

We took a road trip.

It was only from Ho-Ho Papa's to our house after dinner. Jo-Jo came down for dinner before she left for Sacramento the next day so she could see Patrick while he was in town. Alexander was pretty darned excited to have Uncle Patrick AND Jo-Jo in the back seat (even if we had to fold 6'3" U. Patrick in the truck). And we yelled "road trip" several times on the way home, to the immense pleasure of Alexander who giggled every time..

When I woke up, Uhcl Patwick was on my couch!

Whatever one did, the other quickly followed.

Uhcl Patwick and Daddy (and Li-Li) played with me in the pool!

*It was a warm on the day of the family bbq so Umma bought a pool for the kids to play in.
Even the big kids.

*There are more pictures of Uncle Patrick and Alexander but they are on Umma's camera. As soon as Umma send them along, we'll post for your enjoyment.

I love my Uhcl Patwick and miss him alweady.

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