Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Yes, he was Mickey Mouse last year. Hey, can you blame us for pulling two years use out of a costume??
We chose to stay home rather than go out Trick or Treating this year. It was cold, wet and frankly, we do not need the candy in the house. And the kid has no idea he is missing out on free candy so it is a win-win sitaution for everyone. Instead, friends came over with their little ones. How sweet are these two together??
Addie and Alexander - a perfect pair!

Mickey + Minnie = True Love.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

And mom worries I don't socialize enough

After laying in bed for 2 days sweating, I finally seem to be back to normal. Well - as normal as I ever am. So when grandma showed up for our walk today, we looked at our rules, "1. Don't take alex to Soos creek when below 50." We looked outside at the temperature and it was 46. So we asked Alex what he wanted to do.

He neighed. So we looked at each other, gave awkward smiles of, "Oh this isn't going to go well when his hands turn pink...." and headed to the Soos Creek Trail.

He had a mini-meltdown when we got there because he wanted to drive grandma's car, but we bartered that he could on the way back. Our first stop was out our friends the goats.

After talking to them for 4 or 5 minutes we asked alex who he wanted to see next. "Neigh!" So onward we went to find the horses. They didn't come running. We were a bit disappointed, as we are everyday.

So then it was time to go back to the goats, then to the car. And sure enough....

They actually did some headbutting trying for the best position next to Alex, which makes him happy, but I somehow don't see mom liking it.

It must be hard being an irresistable child...(Well except to horses...)

Then Alex got what he was looking forward to all morning....

Then grandma left, and Alex took his nap. So here's a bonus picture of how I discovered him when I went to go let him out of his room.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Snack time!

Mommy had an unexpected 3 days at home this week. The stomach flu hit Mommy on Sunday and Daddy on Tuesday. A nasty 36 hour bug. And, depending how you look at it, a blessing in disguise. I could TOTALLY do this stay at home mom gig. Alexander and I have had so much fun the past few days. Today, we enjoyed snack time by the picture window (after we shopping, of course!). We noticed a few more deer in the yard so sitting in the sunshine, enjoying our visitors made for the perfect indoor picnic. Even Elmo wanted to join us.

Dad was SO jealous when he saw the picture of this buck. He seems to think he is going to get a bow and arrow to hit this big guy so we can survive the winter months. So not happening.

Apologies for bad photo - the housekeeper doesn't do windows.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'll drive, Grandpa!

We were invited to a friend's wedding this weekend. Children were invited so we thought it would be a fun family event. We knew we would be running a risk as the wedding was scheduled smack-dab in the middle of naptime but we presevered and dressed in our finest. Daddy charged his camera to take photos of the bride and groom, and Mommy packed a diaper bag, armed with books, food, sippy cup and blankie. We were set.

All went well...until we walked in the building. Alexander was not having anything to do with this wedding, despite our every effort to make him comfortable. In true almost 2 year old form, he screamed and cried until I took him outside and found a path for him to run along and play in the leaves. Fortunately, my parents were 15 minutes away and Grandpa picked him up so we could stay and enjoy time with "the gang". Once Grandpa arrived, Alexander was all smiles.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Chasing a toddler

Anyone who owns or has owned a toddler sized person knows how quick they can take off on you at a moment's notice. Maybe all toddlers are quick but Alexander KNOWS he's quick. And I suspect he actually finds it funny that his mom isn't quick. He knows he is leaving his elderly mom in the dust and the little monster laughs each time. He actually looks back over his shoulder, sees the distance growing between us and laughs. At the library today, Alexander took off running when someone opened the front door and he almost made it to the parking lot before I practically dislocated his arm, jerking him back from the curb. Not my proudest Mommy moment, mind you. From there, we went to the park and he ran and climbed the toys for an hour with no mishaps. We figured he was worn out so we headed to the grocery store, thinking he would be relatively calm. Big mistake. Alexander insisted on being out of the cart (think tantrum) and promised Mommy he would hold her hand. As it turns out, 21 month olds can't keep their promises. The little escape artist slipped my grip just around the corner from the wine bottles and Eric and I both invisioned our life savings being torn from us as payment for the clean up on aisle 7. Fortuantely, we cornered the speed demon and back in the cart he went (think tantrum #2).

Fast forward a few hours and the little prince is again running like a maniac. Running around and around the couch with Mommy chasing him for no other reason than he just wants to run. And I suspect, he wanted to laugh at Mommy. With all this running, I'm bound to lose the last few baby pounds, eh? And he's bound to sleep in past 5:30 tomorrow morning...oh please let him sleep past 5:30; I'm exhausted!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Our New Neighbors

These pretty pets have been in our yard the past few days. A couple of mamas and their babies (the twins are adorable!) pass through twice a day and when Alexander sees them, you'd think Elmo knocked on the front door. And when they leave, you'd think the end of the world just happened; he gets so sad.
We're pretty sure they are here simply to torment Eric as he never saw this many deer in the four days he spent hunting in Spokane.

These four were here this afternoon....

...and had so much fun that they invited another friend to join them later in the evening!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I get it!

This activity table was a baby shower gift from Mika and Rin almost 2 years ago. One thing about having a child is the amazement of their daily development and the discovery of something new. Just a few short months ago, he thought this activity table was nothing more than a prop in his room. Now he uses it as an actual table for his puzzles. 15 mos

20 mos Isn't he getting tall?!

At least they aren't high heels...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

We miss Daddy.

Daddy left on Friday to go hunting with Papa. They had buck tags so we knew it could take longer as finding bucks can be tough. In years past, the group has had at least one or two doe tags and would head home in 36 hours. This year, the scene is a little different for our hunters. Very few bucks seem to be eager to move into their sights so they are on day 3 of waiting and waiting and waiting.

Daddy isn't a big fan of Eastern Washington. I said to him, "it's the second visit to Pullman in a little over a year - how fun for you" and his response... "But this time I have a gun." Yep, not a big fan of the eastern side of the state.

Of course with all of this, we've had to be extra creative with childcare. If only it weren't Homecoming week at school and Mommy could have all these extra days with Alexander. Now she's feeling massive mommy guilt because she has to work. Fortunately, Alexander loves his grandparents and hasn't minded in the least that Mommy and Daddy have seemingly deserted him. I can't begin to imagine life as a single mom. Oy.

Hurry home, Daddy! We miss you!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

While Dad's Away...

The Coug comes out to play!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Come here and play with me!

Alexander has few words. "Ma-Ma", "Da-Da", "kitty", "ball", "hot", "bye-bye" are the main terms we hear on a daily basis. However, the kid gestures and uses sign language so well that I'm finally convincing myself that he isn't autistic (stupid MMR shot). For the most part, one can gather from facial expressions and body movements, what Alexander is trying to tell you...if you pay attention.

Lately, he has taken to grabbing on to a pant leg or shirt or hand or hair and dragging his victim/playmate to the next adventure. And if you don't go, our dear son becomes impatient and will scream incoherent babble at you until you respond. Once you and Alexander are playing, he is happy and content but God help you if you try to walk away.