Saturday, October 25, 2008

Chasing a toddler

Anyone who owns or has owned a toddler sized person knows how quick they can take off on you at a moment's notice. Maybe all toddlers are quick but Alexander KNOWS he's quick. And I suspect he actually finds it funny that his mom isn't quick. He knows he is leaving his elderly mom in the dust and the little monster laughs each time. He actually looks back over his shoulder, sees the distance growing between us and laughs. At the library today, Alexander took off running when someone opened the front door and he almost made it to the parking lot before I practically dislocated his arm, jerking him back from the curb. Not my proudest Mommy moment, mind you. From there, we went to the park and he ran and climbed the toys for an hour with no mishaps. We figured he was worn out so we headed to the grocery store, thinking he would be relatively calm. Big mistake. Alexander insisted on being out of the cart (think tantrum) and promised Mommy he would hold her hand. As it turns out, 21 month olds can't keep their promises. The little escape artist slipped my grip just around the corner from the wine bottles and Eric and I both invisioned our life savings being torn from us as payment for the clean up on aisle 7. Fortuantely, we cornered the speed demon and back in the cart he went (think tantrum #2).

Fast forward a few hours and the little prince is again running like a maniac. Running around and around the couch with Mommy chasing him for no other reason than he just wants to run. And I suspect, he wanted to laugh at Mommy. With all this running, I'm bound to lose the last few baby pounds, eh? And he's bound to sleep in past 5:30 tomorrow morning...oh please let him sleep past 5:30; I'm exhausted!


Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and me both!

Shell said...

LOL! MUST LAUGH!!! Teagan had her little adventure at Costco today......heehee!!