Friday, August 24, 2012

There was that one time, when I was a ringbearer

At the rehearsal dinner, I wore a super cute t-shirt to set the mood.

At the wedding, I totally worked a tux.
Even during the moments when "happy Alexander" disappeared and "snarky Alexander" showed up.
I looked pretty awesome.

I kinda smiled when I saw my pretty cousin, Lorelli.
Let's face it.  The flash of a camera always throws me off.

But when I saw the beautiful bride, I couldn't help but grin when I saw her!

I rocked the aisle.
"Step, Together.  Step, Together."
I even made it to the very end of the aisle!

Being a ringbearer was awesome.
Just like Jo-Jo and Zak.

Baby Cousin Calvin

Uncle Patrick, Auntie Lissa came out this weekend for Jo-Jo's wedding.  Not only were we excited to see them, but we were doubly lucky to meet this cute little face!

The happiest, most easy-going baby.
(after Alexander, of course!)

They flew in on Wednesday night and Mommy had to leave for Bellingham on Thursday morning to fulfill her Maid of Honor duties.  So, she spent as much time as she could before she left with the little guy.  She was so excited to play with him, she didn't even finish her hair and she had to love on him!
Before long, Umma (who also couldn't wait to get her hands on this little guy) came by to play with both her grandsons.

When Umma and Auntie Lissa left for a mani/pedi, it was just the guys.
 "Save me, Auntie!"
 "Daddy is telling a good story!"
One more cuddle with Auntie

There might be pictures from the wedding but Umma has those on her camera so we'll do a second installment once we have those loaded up.

On Sunday, as Calvin and Auntie Lissa were leaving to visit family, we realized we didn't have photos of the three kiddos!  So, we threw them on a bed and started snapping.

In 8 photos, Alexander had his eyes open exactly... 
This was the best photo out of the bunch.

We love Uncle Patrick, Auntie Lissa, and Calvin.
So much.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

One week from today...

this big guy
starts Kindergarten!

He is excited, nervous, scared, but ready to GO!
School supplies have been purchased and labeled (including 48 individual crayons!), the back pack is loaded, and sitting by the door.

Seems like only yesterday we were bringing our sweet baby home from the hospital.

Our young hero is about to embark on a grand new adventure - SCHOOL!

The best part is knowing he is ready and will have the best time!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Learning to ride a bike is a pretty big deal

A few days ago, we strapped on his helmet and headed to a local park.

This is the second time our hero has ridden his bike without training wheels.

After a short review with Daddy (sorry you have to tilt your head...)

Alexander took off

and never looked back!

Our little man is growing up.