Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Who says a preschool production isn't hilarious?

I have never, EVER laughed so hard in my life. In trying to silent my laughter, I had tears running down my face and my shoulder were shaking so hard, I think I threw my back out. Poor Eric had been asked by the teacher to videotape for her so he had to silent his laughter too.

Turns out our kid is "THAT KID". You know the one. The loud entertainer who does anything for a laugh? The one who ends up stealing the show by simply being who he is meant to be? The one who loves life to the fullest and makes sure everyone else is infected by his joy?

Yep, that's this kid.

Man, I wish everyone who knows Alexander could have been there today. And I wish we had the entire videotape of the show to show you. Chances are good that we'll force our family to watch it during the holidays. Christmas Eve at Grandma Great's? You can bet on it. It's worth it. I swear.

Here are a few pictures to show off our son's first performance.

He was very serious about signing during the songs.

And then, it became how LOUD and how DEEPLY he could sing to drown out the other children.

In between songs, Alexander would blow kisses to the audience and yell, "Thank you! Thank you very much!" OMG. We couldn't stop laughing.

Even in taking the final bow, he had to be the one to do it first.
And clearly, standing on stage was so NOT cool.

We're so proud of you, Alexander!
Even if you never learn how to share the stage with others.

Who says a preschool production isn't hilarious?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Want to Color with Me?

Daddy colored.

Jo-Jo and Zak colored.

Umma colored.

Grandma Great colored.

Marigold didn't want to color.
So we did what she wanted to do.
Kickin' it on the pink blanket.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

5 Things to Do When Snowed In With Mom and Dad

1. Play in the snow

2. Build Geotrax train tracks

3. Color. Over and over again.

4. Play computer games on Mommy's laptop

5. Play in the snow again.

p.s. and wear your pajamas for three straight days.
Even under your snow gear.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Old Man Winter 2010

Two years ago, the NW was hit with a snowstorm that kept us inside for days. We had an almost two year old who only wanted to watch Cars. Needless to say, having an almost 4 year old, who wants to play in the snow is WAY better!

Yesterday, we spent the day, watching the snow fall through the evening hours. This morning the sun was shining, the temps were in the mid 20's, and we bundled up to build a snowman. Mommy is so glad she bought Alexander's snow pants on Ebay and snow shoes at Tar-jay last week!
First thing we had to do was determine how deep the snow was...we think 6-8 inches sound about right.

We had to do a snow dance.

Sing and dance.

Shovel snow off the front steps.

Pose with Mommy.

And work with Daddy, once Mommy decided she was too dang cold.

The snow is too dry for making snowmen or making snowballs. Nothing is melting with the cold temps so maybe tomorrow will be a better day.
I'm sure this won't be the last of a snow day with Mommy or the last of playing outside in snow this winter.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Evan!

This is my friend, Evan.

He turned 4 this week. This is Evan with his best friend, Duke.

Yesterday, we went to Evan's birthday party.
Auntie Rin loves Evan. And we all love Auntie Rin.

We ate giant pieces of pizza (well, the other kids ate. I wasn't hungry)

We sang Happy Birthday. Evan's cake had something to do with a dragon.

And then we opened presents.

Can you tell that I am excited for Evan to open his present from me?

Once he opened it, I had to guard it from the others.

So I could play with it.

For the rest of the party.
Happy Birthday Evan!
Glad I you liked the present I gave you!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Funny Face

A conversation with Alexander about 6PM on Friday night:

Alexander: "Mommy, I want to see Ho-Ho Papa and Umma. It's been foreber since I was there" (keep in mind, he saw them on Wednesday).

Daddy: "Alexander, it is polite to be invited to visit people. We can't show up uninvited. Should we call so you can talk to Umma and Ho-Ho Papa.

Alexander, on the phone with Umma: "Umma, I haven't been to see you in a long, long time."

Umma: "It's been a long time since Wednesday."

Alexander: "Maybe you would want to see me tonight?"

Umma: "That would be fun."

Alexander: "Ok, Umma!"

He looks down and with a look of shock says, "But I'm in my jammies so it's going to be a few minutes. And I have to ask Mommy or Daddy to drive me."

At this point, Alexander took the phone and ran into his room, babbling uncoherently to Umma as he dressed himself. Eric and I couldn't stop laughing at how he manipulated three people into what he wanted. And then it got better...

Alexander: "Mommy, maybe at Umma and Ho-Ho Papa's, I could color."

Mommy (trying not to laugh): "Alexander, you can't color for 2 days. You drew purple crayon on our living carpet so we took them away, remember?"

Alexander: "Yea. I remember. But that wasn't at Ho-Ho Papa's house so I can color".

Mommy: "No, no coloring. Do you still want to go?"

Alexander: "Yea! Let's go. But no talking in the truck. I want to look at the countryside".

The kid is funny. Really, really funny.

Alexander took his own photo
November 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pre-Arranged Marriage

They sure would have cute babies.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Playin' with the big kids

To say that Alexander loves going to my school is an understatement. The kid thinks he runs the place. Friday night, he had the chance to hang out with the big kids. One of our clubs was hosting "Date Night". I would have loved to say Eric and I went out to enjoy the date night but alas, I was on supervision duty. We decided Alexander would enjoy the kid activities, Eric would enjoy the evening off duty, and I'd take advatange enjoy the time to work in my office.
There were 14 kids in total. At first, the little man had a hard time settling in. Remember, he is used to having the run of the place to himself. So, while the other kids stood where they were supposed to, Alexander stood on the outside. He does like to do his own thing!

He hid behind the older kids when I tried to take his picture.

The older kids were smarter than him though, and introduced the parachute.

About this point, I decided things were going smoothy so I headed to my office. I spent the time writing letters of recommendation, writing emails, filing papers, grading ASB work, and cleaning. I checked in twice and each time I was informed by my son that everything was fine and I should go away. Hmm. Guess he was enjoying himself! Of course, I still had to take pictures!

Looks like another victim fell to his charms and did the work for him.
They decorated cookies.
According to my students, my son enjoyed the decorating and the frosting. But not the cookie.

My students reported that Alexander was a delight. He sat in the theater through the entire showing of Toy Story 3. I would think so since it was his copy of the movie they were using! They said he didn't really play with the other kids but was the cutest one there.

I agree!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Big Papa and Umma leave this week for Arizona. Four months of no sleepovers might do us in. But we know they are excited for the change and we'll be visiting again in February.
Before they leave, we try to fit the holidays in and this year was no exception. Big Papa kept Alexander occupied with we poured cocktails and started dinner...you started dinner, didn't you Umma?

Eric does love his tequila!
Alexander decided he wanted to toast with us so we used it as an excuse to give him his cough syrup.

This year, Alexander was ALL about the presents. It didn't matter who recieved the present. It mattered that Alexander was the one who opened it.
Helping Big Papa
Helping Mama
And he opened his own.

To my family: Consider this your warning. Alexander is going to INSIST that he opens ALL presents on Christmas. Be prepared.
All this Christmas talk has made me start wondering what to buy Alexander this year. I finally figured it out!
Take a look at this picture and guess what I decided upon.

In the end, we were all very spoiled. It was a very Merry Christmas indeed!