Monday, December 31, 2012

This can't be our boy

Because our boy is afraid of dogs!
There is hope for him yet.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Review - photo style

I came across this idea and decided I want to do it.
The year in review - with pictures!
Alexander started the new year by celebrating with his best friend, Addie.
Alexander turned 5. 
His party was at a local bouncy house.
It snowed the day of the party but everyone battled the elements to join us in the fun.
The entire week after Alexander's birthday, we were snowed in but we were able to use Umma's car to get out when we needed to.
This was the first year Alexander really got into the snow so we made our first snowman.
Alexander played basketball for the first time.
He improved each game and we were proud of how hard he tried and got along with his teammates.
In preschool, Alexander's writing was improving.
He also told us we should have given him a shorter name.
And we started working on reading more by creating a train track with words written at each station..
We went to the ocean to celebrate Mom and Dad's 15th wedding anniversary.
Alexander enjoyed his first hike and the stormy ocean weather.
Alexander also started swim lessons again, which would continue until January.
And result in passing Level 3 in December!
We celebrated Easter at Grandma Great's house.
And spent a few days of spring break at the Great Wolf Lodge with Auntie Kimmie, Uncle RJ and Lorelli.
Alexander finally mastered how to ride a bike.
And just kept swimming.
Alexander said goodbye to preschool.
And hello to summer!
We hiked.
We celebrated the 4th of July with friends and family.
We made some money.
We started the month with a really fun trip to MarDons with our best friends.
It was hot.  Really hot.
Alexander went tubing for the first time!
The long awaited wedding of Jo-Jo and Zak happened!
Alexander was the most handsome of ringbearers.
School supplies
Meet the teacher
First day of school!
We said goodbye to our beloved Ho-Ho Papa.
(this is when I realized I don't have a single picture of Alexander and Ho-Ho Papa for 2012 and lost my shizz)
We spent time with cousins.
And celebrated Christmas with Big Papa and Umma before they left for Arizona.
Alexander began his love affair of Legos.
Someone lost a tooth!
Had the stomach flu and missed all of Thanksgiving.
But still managed to decorate a tree or two.
Alexander introduce Addie to decorating at Mommy's school.
We rode the Santa train with Jo-Jo.
Decorated our first gingerbread house.
Met Santa.
And spent time as a family.
Life with Alexander in 2012 was awesome.
We are excited for what 2013 will bring.
It is so hard to believe we have a 6 year old!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas - Photo Style

We were spoiled.
We are loved.
We are thankful.
Let the great Christmas photo dump begin!
Be patient....there are A LOT of photos!
A tradition we never pass up...even if it happens days before the big guy arrives to deliver presents.
We visited Santa, enjoyed lunch at BJ's so Daddy could enjoy a gluten-free pizza, and then went on a trek to find Santa's reindeer.
Waiting and dancing in line at Nordstroms
First glance of the big guy
Happy, happy face when he realizes he is up next!
When did he get so grown up?
I had to take a picture of Alexander's nearly empty plate.
He NEVER eats this much when we eat out!
Next up...reindeer!
Alexander didn't want to get close, so Daddy helped him out.
"I think this one is Comet"
Another tradition which places us at Grandma Great's house.
We spent the day playing games, eating a delicious prime rib meal, remembering those who weren't with us, and opening presents. 
We all did well until Alexander lost it during grace.  He kept saying "Papa isn't here, I don't want to hear it.  Papa isn't here, I don't want to hear it".  Needless to say, there was a big Ho-Ho Papa sized hole during the holidays.
It wouldn't be the holidays without a couple of pictures with these pretty girls.
Time for a family photo!
Not looking but eyes open is better than looking with eyes closed.
Elves waiting to hand out stockings
As the oldest boy, Cousin Casey became Santa.
One elf became easily distracted throughout the night.
The youngest of us was a natural gift opener.
Which she must have learned from the oldest of us.
Such pretty girls!
This year, Grandma Great bought all of us matching gifts...
which we totally rocked!
Flattering?  No.
Hilarious?  Absolutely.
The last gift was opened
and then it was time to clean up and head home.
After a little snooze, obviously.
Always a busy, fun filled one!
Alexander's first clue that Santa stopped by (thanks Zak!)
Waiting for everyone else to wake up
This was our third Christmas with Jo-Jo and Zak.
Spending Christmas morning with them (in matching sweatshirts) never gets old.
The first gift of Christmas!
Legos, Legos, and more Legos!!
Daddy loves his new hat.
Zak loved his new sweatshirt.
And Mommy and Jo-Jo loved their gift of shopping.
After a few hours of play, we headed over to Umma's for more presents, more food, and more game fun.
Umma introduced us to a new domino game, Mexican Train, while we waited for everyone to arrive.
Food was abundant so everyone could snack all day long.
Before long, it was time to hand out presents.
Silly Mommy under the tree! 
Papa made us hand out presents one at a time.  We debated if it was  because he wanted to prolong the morning as long as he could, which we can all appreciate, or if it was so he could make a big deal out of each present he picked out for us. 
We decided it was time for new traditions so ALL the presents went out and people just started tearing paper and going crazy!
Papa would have hated it but would have laughed at our crazy antics.
He sure made us all smile.
We knew Mom would love her new snuggie
Eric and Alexander had to try it out!
Then there is that moment when you hope for a few pictures with open eyes.
And this is as close as you get.
Phew.  I told you it was a big photo dump!!
You made it!