Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Ho-Ho Umma!

We love you!!
He may have blown out the candles before you and taken your wish, but he also knows everything you need to know about how to use your birthday present.
Just last weekend, the family got together at Auntie Kimmie's new house to celebrate Umma.
Umma opened a few presents and spent quality time with Grandma Great. 

There was quite a bit of excitement after Umma opened her presents. Grandma Great had fallen earlier in the night and once she started feeling nauseous, we thought a phone call was in order.
A couple of really nice fellas stopped by.
They chatted with Grandma Great.
And it was decided we would continue on with our birthday celebration, without a trip to the hospital.
We ate a delicious dinner, prepared by Uncle RJ.
The kids hung out together.
And then we ate the most awesome dessert.
Mom's was filled with chocolate.
Others who don't like chocolate (Michelle) ate the same concoction with bread.
And drank some wine.
We sure loved celebrating this lady and love her a whole bunch!

Happy Birthday Umma!

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures - great fun.
Thanks to a wonderful family the "first" was made better.