Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Family Dinner

About a year ago, I wrote this blog entry. I vowed that we would not go to a restaurant as a family until a) he learned social skills or b) turned 16. I was prepared to wait for whichever came first. The boy just doesn't sit still and we often need a full support system to keep him occupied. However, I relented and several times this past year, we have eaten out. Granted, it was only IKEA and some days were better than others. Even so, we felt pretty confident as we opened the door to Torero's last night that he was going to at least sit with us even if we had to eat at mach speed. I mean, he cannot possibly act like a beast at a restaurant the rest of his life, right?

Our big boy was a superstar!
Apparently, we will not have to wait until he turns 16.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

10,000 Hits

I have not spent much time checking the little counter at the bottom of the blog. I mean, it's at the bottom. Why would I scroll all the way down there? Imagine my surprise to learn there have been over 9600 hits to our little blog. Eric and I thought we would propose a little contest to our blog readers because we're competitive like that.

The blog reader who hits 10,000 AND sends us a picture of the turn over to 10,000 will win a prize! We aren't going to actually give you anything (we are living on a teacher's salary, people) but we will post about the winners relationship/connection to Alexander. Be it a screen shot, picture from your phone or an actual camera, send in the photo and you will be named the winner! Now, it may be a stranger who hits it but we're guessing not many strangers have found our blog.

*If a grandparent is the winner, we may throw in a slumber party with Alexander as part of the prize package!*

Monday, April 27, 2009

Take a Walk with Me

Papa and Grandma visited us tonight. While Eric destroyed cut down a tree, the three best friends took a walk down the driveway and back.
Someone had a good time.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Everyone Deserves a Make-over

TA-DA!!!! Don't you just love the new and improved look to the blog!? I'm giddy with happiness. It's the same type of unabashed joy Alexander expresses when he sees his papa's. Hands clap. Feet dance. And giggles emerge from the belly. Jen did an AMAZING job and I cannot thank her enough. Thanks Jen!

And, when a make-over occurs, the hope is that the make-overee will maintain the new look.
No worries. Consider this make-over a success!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Blog Remodel

**Edited~Changes are coming, people! My new BFF, Jen, is helping me (creating for me) a new blog design and I am super excited! Check back for the new and improved blog design!**
It is not new information that I am addicted to blogs. I follow many blogs in internet-land. I stalk blogs - but I have learned that it is legal stalking so I don't feel so bad about it. I check on blogs while at work for updates (mainly Stellan's). I even look forward to learning more about the lives of strangers. But I definitely have learned a thing or two along the way about parenting, fashion, and the duality of good and bad in human behavior.

In the midst of my addiction, I have slowly come to a realization that these blogs have one thing in common - WAY cooler designs than ours, with color, pictures, catchy phrases, etc, etc, etc. I have blog design jealousy. I want me a blog remodel. However, I have learned (told you so) that one usually has to fork out money to re-design their blog, unless they have savvy technology skills or creativity. I am most certainly lacking in both those areas so I have to hire out the task ~and hope it doesn't cost as much as our architect has cost us in the house know, the remodel that has yet to start?
I decided I would leave it up to the readers of the blog to help me decide (and convince Eric) if it is worth investing in a re-model of the blog. Written content and photos would remain and continue to be our responsibility.

So, faithful blog readers...
Doesn't this face deserve a blog remodel?
Should we upgrade or not?

Or does he just need a bath?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Favorite Phrases

"Big Mama"
"Big Dada"

We're trying not to take it personally.

And starting diets on Monday.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I've been gently nudged to update the blog (I admit I have been neglecting our faithful fans). So, despite the 12 hour days at work, here's an update (i.e. I'm sucking up to the faithful fans). I wish I could share a witty story but in reality, Alexander is a typical on-the-go two year old. He has new words like, "yellow", "blue", "in", "out", "go", "dig", and "s&*t" (Eric says I have got to stop swearing). He can blow bubbles in the bathtub, has been using the potty chair on a regular basis, LOVES to draw with sidewalk chalk, and he uses the word no as a verb to describe his every action. His expressions make us laugh because he hasn't learned the art of masking his feelings. He is very animated so I thought I'd share a few recent photos of the little man.

hiding from mom backfires

crying makes me tired

I finally understand what posing for the camera is all about!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Biggest Boy EVER!!!!

If you didn't get in on the celebration telephone calls, sorry. But today was a huge day... We used the potty like 4 times.....

I think mommy and daddy are both worried they actually have to teach me something. The good news is they are letting me run around in my diaper so it's easy to pee or poop..

In completely unrelated news... I love stickers...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Alexander had a very busy weekend!

Alexander and Lorelli open presents from Grandma and Grandpa.

The boys' Easter baskets.

(mama did good!)

And the great Easter egg hunt is Grandma Great's house

It was also Jodie's birthday...Happy Happy Birthday Jodie!!

Like Mother, Like Son

If you know anything about my mommy, you know that not only does she drink Diet Coke like a fiend (decaffeinated for Capt cocktails, caffeinated for the days I wake her up before 6AM), but she is obsessively organized ~ about most things. Apparently, I take after my more ways than one.
I turned all the labels just like you, Mommy.

I'm thirsty!
If you ever want a Diet Coke when you visit, I know where we can find one for you! Right on top of the griddle, in case you want Daddy to make you pancakes too.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sick day

I need to blow my nose, Mom.

Alexander still doesn't feel 100% and convinced us he needed a sick day. Following a lackluster morning at Little Gym and a long afternoon nap, Alexander has wanted nothing more than to watch Leap Frog Letter Factory (thanks Mary and David!). Alexander is sick with a cold, on his second round of antibiotics and just wants to watch his letters. Over and over and over again. Who hasn't been there? Does a parent say no on a sick day when he/she has done the very same thing (the laying on the couch and watching bad TV thing)? I think not. While we are convinced this video is going to help him develop more words, the video itself makes Eric and I cringe. Eric literally ran upstairs to hide after the 4th or 5th...maybe it was the 6th...showing of the video. In our defense, we have tried to turning it off. But if you've ever had a 2 year old who has free will with an independent soul, you can imagine the tantrum that occured in our living room when the screen went dark.
But then we found him playing...and realized he probably manipulated us (no probably about it) and today may have been more of a "mental illness" day, rather than a true "sick day".
The TV is now sleeping for the night.

Does he look sick to you??

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Break Gift

We will call him Frogger.

I suspect I am in for a lifetime of these moments.

It is the halfway mark in spring break week and I am already counting down the days until summer break (less than 50!). I could easily get used to these days at home with my boys. In fact, I haven't checked my school email, I haven't thought about going into the building, and yesterday, I actually took a book outside and read in the sunshine for 2 whole hours. We couldn't have asked for better weather for spring break. Rumor has it, the clouds are returning tomorrow but since Saturday, we have enjoyed temps over 70 degrees each day and it has been glorious!

Unfortunately, Alexander's cold came back with a vengence this week. I took him to see the doctor this morning. As luck would have it, the last bout of antibiotics wasn't quite enough as his ears are still inflamed, the cough is rattling around his chest and he is a green snot monster. But that hasn't stopped the little man from playing outside in the yard. All day long. It's no wonder that I thought he had allergies like his daddy. At one point I was laughing at Eric and Alexander yesterday afternoon when both were sneezing but neither was ready to call it a day and come inside. Clearly, everyone has missed the sunshine and need to soak in as much as that Vitamin D as we can!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I just really like this picture.

Holy Cute Toddler, Batman!

We found these Batman pajamas not long after Alexander was born. They have been hanging in the closet for 2 years, waiting for a small baby to grow to a big toddler boy. Last night, Casey, Fidelia and Jodie were hanging out with us and Eric decided the evening needed a super hero. Every family needs a super hero.