Saturday, April 25, 2009

Blog Remodel

**Edited~Changes are coming, people! My new BFF, Jen, is helping me (creating for me) a new blog design and I am super excited! Check back for the new and improved blog design!**
It is not new information that I am addicted to blogs. I follow many blogs in internet-land. I stalk blogs - but I have learned that it is legal stalking so I don't feel so bad about it. I check on blogs while at work for updates (mainly Stellan's). I even look forward to learning more about the lives of strangers. But I definitely have learned a thing or two along the way about parenting, fashion, and the duality of good and bad in human behavior.

In the midst of my addiction, I have slowly come to a realization that these blogs have one thing in common - WAY cooler designs than ours, with color, pictures, catchy phrases, etc, etc, etc. I have blog design jealousy. I want me a blog remodel. However, I have learned (told you so) that one usually has to fork out money to re-design their blog, unless they have savvy technology skills or creativity. I am most certainly lacking in both those areas so I have to hire out the task ~and hope it doesn't cost as much as our architect has cost us in the house know, the remodel that has yet to start?
I decided I would leave it up to the readers of the blog to help me decide (and convince Eric) if it is worth investing in a re-model of the blog. Written content and photos would remain and continue to be our responsibility.

So, faithful blog readers...
Doesn't this face deserve a blog remodel?
Should we upgrade or not?

Or does he just need a bath?


Jen said...

I could help you out with your blog remodel for free if you want? Do you have any colors, themes or ideas in mind? E-mail me if you want some help doing it yourself...for free! I designed my blog. I know it isn't near as cool as others, buy hey...all it took was a little creativity!

Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

There are lots of free blog "skins" out there too, I've discovered.

Check out They even have tutorials about how to personlize them I believe.

Also, you can just google "free blogspot backgrounds" or something like that and they'll give you a zillion free sites. Don't pay if you don't have to. There's lot of cool free stuff out there.