Tuesday, April 28, 2009

10,000 Hits

I have not spent much time checking the little counter at the bottom of the blog. I mean, it's at the bottom. Why would I scroll all the way down there? Imagine my surprise to learn there have been over 9600 hits to our little blog. Eric and I thought we would propose a little contest to our blog readers because we're competitive like that.

The blog reader who hits 10,000 AND sends us a picture of the turn over to 10,000 will win a prize! We aren't going to actually give you anything (we are living on a teacher's salary, people) but we will post about the winners relationship/connection to Alexander. Be it a screen shot, picture from your phone or an actual camera, send in the photo and you will be named the winner! Now, it may be a stranger who hits it but we're guessing not many strangers have found our blog.

*If a grandparent is the winner, we may throw in a slumber party with Alexander as part of the prize package!*

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