Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mr. Orange-y

I haven't a clue why my child chose this outfit for Halloween.

DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba

It could have been his father's influence when the costume catalog arrived one day. There was talk of matching costumes but Eric caved when we saw the costume. It didn't matter. Alexanded loved it.

It could have been a boy hearing his grandmother's laughter in his head from watching the show together (Yo Gabba Gabba). It didn't matter.
Alexander loved it.

It could have been his sheer delight at a costume of pure orange. It didn't matter.
Alexander loved it.

I simply don't know.
I wanted him to be Thomas the Train.

Guess this is the first of a lifetime of moments where Mom will learn to sit back and watch her son live life the way he intends, not the way she wishes.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Boys

These faces make me smile.
A lot.

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Glimpse

At a Future MLB Shortstop?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weekend Adventure

As Alexander grows up, it becomes easier to travel with him. Our combined clothing fits in the same bag. He is potty trained so we only need pull ups for the evenings. We have an inflatable kid bed which he loves so we don't ever have to share the bed. And we know lots of songs to sing on a drive (not to mention my iPod with movies on it).
This past weekend, I had a leadership camp fall planning meeting on the east side of the state. Since one of my friends has a teen daughter who has been waiting to babysit Alexander, I figured here was her chance.
After the early morning soccer game, we quickly changed our clothes, packed our bags, gassed up the truck and headed out on the road.


It took us two hours to drive to our destination. Fortunately, there was little traffic on the road. And the landscape was breathtaking as we drove over the pass and through the canyon with all the leaves showing their fall colors on a gorgeous sunny day.

Once we made it to our destination, we spent a few more hours in the high school gym, watching some girls we knew play volleyball in a tournament. Alexander was a good sport, who transformed the bleachers into his railroad tracks and charmed the spectators.
Finally, on Sunday, Alexander spent the day with Lauren while I was in the meeting. Unfortunately, my camera died right after this picture. In this photo, she was on the phone calling her friends over because Alexander was so cute and she wanted to show him off. They came over and he soon had them under his charm. The big kids played at the park and put together puzzles and my son didn't miss me for one minute.
I'm already working on the plans for another weekend adventure.
During the spring months, of course. Everyone knows I don't do cold!

Friday, October 15, 2010

He certainly doesn't lack confidence

Mommy: "I'm proud of you, Alexander".

Alexander: "You should be".

He is his father's child.
And yes, he still uses a binky.
Don't judge.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Visiting the Pumpkin Patch!

Last week, Alexander, along with his classmates, visited the pumpkin patch for the first field trip of the school year. Eric went along as the navigator (he was 1 of 2 dads chaperoning the trip) and took the photos because he knew I would want to see it all.

First, there was the pumping of water that moved rubber duckies down a water trough.

Very serious work, you know.

Next up, the hay bales that drove Eric's hay fever into an all-time sneezing frenzy.

A giant slide that landed in a huge bin of corn!

Naturally, there were cut outs that required cute face poses.

And then it was time to pick the perfect pumpkin.

I think he found the perfect pumpkin, don't you?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Woo-Woo, Choo-Choo Train Ride!

A few weeks ago, we packed up in Big Papa's truck and headed out of town, after an early morning soccer game. About two hours south of us, is a little town that offers train rides.

The train runs on the weekend all summer. But we couldn't find a free Saturday until the end of September.

Turns out we picked the right date.

It was a beautiful, sunny day in the NW. Just perfect for a train ride.

Papa and Alexander waiting on the platform. Despite the loud noise, Alexander couldn't contain his excitement when he saw the steam engine.
In fact, he couldn't contain his excitement for most of the ride.

He wanted to hang out inside the passenger car.

We finally convinced him to go outside.

Thanks for setting up a fun day, Daddy!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Best Friends

Every time we ask Alexander if he has made a new friend at preschool, he says no. Then we ask if he plays with anyone at school.
His answer?


Every time.

True Best Friends.