Wednesday, June 19, 2013

And just like that.....Alexander is a FIRST grader!

Kindergarten is done!
Seems like only yesterday that Mommy was forcing you and Daddy to take pictures on the first day of school.
We were less concerned about your academics as we were about the social side of school.  You knew your letters and numbers.  You were starting to write your letters and you were a proven rule follower and enjoyed school.

On the other hand, you had one best friend (if you don't count your grandparents), and you were inseperable for two years of preschool.  The two of you were about to be split up and we were worried how you would respond without your Addie.
First Day of Kindergarten
Within the first few months of school, our concerns about your social life were put to rest.  We started to hear stories about your "crew".  Logan.  Noah.  Emma.  Ainsley.  Sophia.  Who were these strangers?  Did they even exist?  By November, Daddy was helping in your classroom and assured me that these youngsters did exist.  In fact, he confirmed how well liked you were by other in the classroom.  It was amazing to think how your world was expanding outside of our home, without us by your side.
In the meantime, your writing was improving, your math skills were taking off, and you were starting to read.  Yes, these are things most kids learn to do, but your parents couldn't help but be proud of your accomplishments. Every night at dinner, we ask two questions.  This was your idea, by the way. 
"How was your day today?"
"What is one thing you learned today?"
Daddy and I often found ourselves caught up in your stories and didn't mind when we didn't have our turn.  We learned that you love PE the most and music the least.  For the first six months of the year, you dug in the sandfield every day with the crew at first recess, making volcanos.  You earned coupons for good choices.  We learned which students talk the most, which students you stayed away from because they made bad choices, and how much you loved your teacher.  You started to be invited to birthday parties and announced, "next year, I'm inviting everyone...except those who make bad choices."  You do not like to get in trouble and yet, you have surrounded yourself with the most high-energy kids in your class.  I can't wait to see how this part of your personality unfolds.
By January, we discovered that you have a natural leadership in you.  A new student enrolled and your teacher sat your kindhearted self next to him to help him out.  A friendship was quickly formed and Tegan was included into the crew.  It came as no surprise when you announced that you told your teacher that you wanted to move next to Logan because, "he misses minutes at recess and he needs my help to stay on task."  Tegan's mom has mentioned how grateful she was that her son was placed next to you, because you were so helpful and kind to him. 
You have always been independent and kindergarten couldn't break that out of you. To prove this point, Daddy told me a story about a morning when your teacher suggested you go to the back of the school to play with all the other children as you waited.  You kindly responded, "no thank you.  I'm fine right here." and didn't budge.  She looked at your daddy and grinned, "That's what I like about your son. He knows what he wants and is very sure of himself. It's not so great when other kids try following his example."  You follow the rules, but cannot be swayed to follow along with the crowd. 
Today, Mommy forced everyone to take pictures on the last day of school.  For the first time in a long time, she had a blog post forming in her head and pictures were necessary!
We are so proud of you, little man.
We have a first grader.
He's growing up.