Sunday, November 27, 2011

Santa Train Surprise!

A few weeks ago, we were asked if we wanted to join our friends on the Santa Train. Uh, yea we do! Tickets were purchased and we decided to keep it a secret until today. In hindsight, the day after a big Apple Cup party may not have made for the best timing because it meant we had a crabby, whiney AND super excited 4 year old on our hands. For anyone who has had a kid, you know we were in for one heck of an adventure.
I didn't think to capture his face when we told him the news but let's just say there was dancing and yelling involved. By all of us!

We boarded at the North Bend Train station and headed to the Train Depot on the other side of town, where Santa was waiting for us. The rain was pouring on us but it didn't stop these kids from enjoying a train ride!

Look at our little man fight back his tears when he didn't get a window seat.
We ended up distracting him by drawing on the windows.

And checking out the scenery

After a short train ride, we waited in line to see Santa! The kids did a great job keeping themselves entertained as the rain just coming down on us.
There was a coloring table.

And dancing in line.

Before we knew it, the moment had arrived!

p.s. Alexander asked for puzzles.

Once we left Santa's workshop, we enjoyed cookies and cocoa.
In a tiny, little train car.

At least one of us enjoyed ourselves in that little car.
While one of us pretended to enjoy himself.

Finally, we boarded the train for the final ride back.
Addie and Alexander were total goofballs.

Right now, the little guy is sacked out.

We had a great holiday weekend and are sad to see it come to an end.
Thank goodness Christmas break is only three weeks away!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Day at Grandma Great's

Thankgiving has always been at Grandma Great's house. Always. This year had one of the smaller groups in memory but just as much love and laughter was felt through the house.

While we waited for the food to cook, we kept ourselves busy.
Grandma had her tree up so a little 18 month old spent most of her time, pointing at lights with her daddy.

Alexander spent most of his time playing with the wooden trains my grandfather made years ago.

Zak liked the trains, too.

I spent most of my time sitting on the couch, chatting with these favorite girls.

Or taking pictures with them in the kitchen.

I am SO thankful for them.
And good camera angles.

The daddies were superstars.

I'm starving!

Joanne and Grandma announce it is time to eat!

Casey, Marigold and Fidelia are ready.

Uh Zak...I think you're supposed to remove the foil...?

At least that is what Casey says.

During grace, Alexander settled in nicely between Jo-Jo and Zak.

After a delicious meal, we hung out

and laughed some more.

Played with Grandma Great.

Took more pictures.

There were many loved ones who weren't with us this year but they were in our thoughts. We missed them but look forward to the next time we are all together.

After spending so much time editing these pictures, I've officially decided I want a new camera.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fall Feast 2011

Last year's Fall Feast still remains one of our favorite memories. Alexander signing songs and singing the lyrics at the top of his lungs, finishing each song with blowing kisses and bowing to the crowd.

2011 Fall Feast certainly didn't disappoint us. The preparations began a few weeks ago when Alexander brought home his vest to decorate. "Mama, I don't care about my vest. Let's just use last year's". WHAT? No sitting down to a arts and crafts project?

Thank you, son!

This year, I was more focused on taking video so I don't have a lot of pictures to share.

I did capture this super cute face.

Once the kids participated in a little skit to "Twas the Night before Thanksgiving", Alexander proudly held the flag and led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance!

He took the job very seriously.

His performance during the songs had us laughing the entire time. I wouldn't say he wasn't 100% THAT kid (you know, the loud obnoxious one who steals the show), he was about 90% THAT kid. I don't think I can download the entire video as it is over 15 minutes long.
Soon after the performance, there were photos.

They are so grown up!

Family Photo!!

We're very thankful for such a caring preschool staff who cares about our son and has introduced him to school in the best way possible.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mommy and Alexander date

Even though I'm dying to post about Alexander's fall feast program at preschool, I'm that weird person who wants her posts be chronological. So, I have to post about our date and THEN the preschool program.

A few weeks ago, Gypsy and Addie invited us to join them for a playdate. Since we have had a playdate every year since he was old enough to take in public without taking everything in his bedroom with us, we have had a winter date.

Oh, the fun we had!

The story was pretty cute but really loud. Alexander kept asking when Mickey Mouse and his friends were going to show up. Note to self: find Disney on Ice for the boy.

I don't know how old he will be when he decides he is too old for our dates but I'm willing to milk it as long as I can!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Cuddling vs Homework

Cuddling with Mommy

is WAAAY better

than doing my homework!