Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloweeeeen!

Halloween began just like any other Monday. Mommy leaves for work. Daddy and Alexander are left at home. And then Alexander goes to pre-school.

Sometimes, throwing a kink in the weekly plan isn't a bad thing.

We don't live in a neighborhood so, after a short afternoon nap, we packed ourselves into the truck and headed out to meet Addie and Co.

I have 4 pictures that look just like this one. He gets it from his father's side.

Daddy made a surprise trip to Logan's house.

The look on Logan's face was priceless when he realized his buddy, Alexander, was standing at the door.

His hug was so big it knocked Alexander right off his feet.

After that short and fun visit to Logan's house, we hurried on our way. Once we arrived, we immediately got to trick and treating business. I wish I could show you loads of pictures of the kids but they were moving so fast from house to house, it was all us parents could do to keep up!

I did make them stop at one house for a group photo.

Despite his dislike of candy, Alexander had a ball and loved collecting as much candy as he could...especially ALL the peanut butter cups he grabbed for his daddy!

Proud Parent Moment of the Night:

It was survival of the fittest out there but the kids did well. It was crazy watching them run from house to house and they were very caught up in where they were headed and didn't always pay attention to what was around them. Typical kid behavior. We are proud to report that our kid was the ONLY one who waited to cross a busy side street until he had an adult with him. The pride wasn't that he waited for us as much as it was he didn't do what everyone else was doing.

Eric says he gets that from his side of the family, too.

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