Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Day at Grandma Great's

Thankgiving has always been at Grandma Great's house. Always. This year had one of the smaller groups in memory but just as much love and laughter was felt through the house.

While we waited for the food to cook, we kept ourselves busy.
Grandma had her tree up so a little 18 month old spent most of her time, pointing at lights with her daddy.

Alexander spent most of his time playing with the wooden trains my grandfather made years ago.

Zak liked the trains, too.

I spent most of my time sitting on the couch, chatting with these favorite girls.

Or taking pictures with them in the kitchen.

I am SO thankful for them.
And good camera angles.

The daddies were superstars.

I'm starving!

Joanne and Grandma announce it is time to eat!

Casey, Marigold and Fidelia are ready.

Uh Zak...I think you're supposed to remove the foil...?

At least that is what Casey says.

During grace, Alexander settled in nicely between Jo-Jo and Zak.

After a delicious meal, we hung out

and laughed some more.

Played with Grandma Great.

Took more pictures.

There were many loved ones who weren't with us this year but they were in our thoughts. We missed them but look forward to the next time we are all together.

After spending so much time editing these pictures, I've officially decided I want a new camera.

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