Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mommy and Alexander date

Even though I'm dying to post about Alexander's fall feast program at preschool, I'm that weird person who wants her posts be chronological. So, I have to post about our date and THEN the preschool program.

A few weeks ago, Gypsy and Addie invited us to join them for a playdate. Since we have had a playdate every year since he was old enough to take in public without taking everything in his bedroom with us, we have had a winter date.

Oh, the fun we had!

The story was pretty cute but really loud. Alexander kept asking when Mickey Mouse and his friends were going to show up. Note to self: find Disney on Ice for the boy.

I don't know how old he will be when he decides he is too old for our dates but I'm willing to milk it as long as I can!

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