Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pre-K Conference

Mommy and Daddy met my teacher today. My teacher is having a baby so they had a fun time talking about preschoolers fascination with a belly growing. I think it's pretty neat too but Mommy says I can't call my teacher fat.

Mommy says academically I could do better. She's a teacher so she's ALWAYS going to say that. Probably for the next twelve years. I think in middle school, I'll forget to turn in homework just to watch her head spin. That will be funny. I am only four so I don't write very well and I think I get pretty bored and don't stay on task. I KNOW what to do; I just don't always want to do it. I really just want to tell stories to my teacher. She's pretty smart though and makes me work first and THEN I can tell her a story. I know my letters, my numbers, my colors, most parts of the body, and a couple of other important things. Whatever. I'm four.

Daddy says that the whole reason they sent me to preschool was for social skills. My teacher says I'm always happy and excited about everything. From the minute I show up until I leave, everything is exciting and new and I am always on the go. She says that other kids in the class often come over and show me what they are doing because I get so excited for them. Of course I do! I mostly play with Addie but sometimes, I think my teacher splits us up on purpose so we can play with other kids. I don't like it when things deviate from our daily routine but once I wrap my head around it, I'm ok.

It's a good thing both Mommy and Daddy went to my conference today. They learned they will each reinforce different things I need. Mommy will always make sure to keep an eye on the academic side of things and Daddy will always make sure I'm happy and fun.

If only they knew that all I want to do is play, play, play!!

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