Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I've been gently nudged to update the blog (I admit I have been neglecting our faithful fans). So, despite the 12 hour days at work, here's an update (i.e. I'm sucking up to the faithful fans). I wish I could share a witty story but in reality, Alexander is a typical on-the-go two year old. He has new words like, "yellow", "blue", "in", "out", "go", "dig", and "s&*t" (Eric says I have got to stop swearing). He can blow bubbles in the bathtub, has been using the potty chair on a regular basis, LOVES to draw with sidewalk chalk, and he uses the word no as a verb to describe his every action. His expressions make us laugh because he hasn't learned the art of masking his feelings. He is very animated so I thought I'd share a few recent photos of the little man.

hiding from mom backfires

crying makes me tired

I finally understand what posing for the camera is all about!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the blog even though you were VERY tired :)