Friday, April 10, 2009

Sick day

I need to blow my nose, Mom.

Alexander still doesn't feel 100% and convinced us he needed a sick day. Following a lackluster morning at Little Gym and a long afternoon nap, Alexander has wanted nothing more than to watch Leap Frog Letter Factory (thanks Mary and David!). Alexander is sick with a cold, on his second round of antibiotics and just wants to watch his letters. Over and over and over again. Who hasn't been there? Does a parent say no on a sick day when he/she has done the very same thing (the laying on the couch and watching bad TV thing)? I think not. While we are convinced this video is going to help him develop more words, the video itself makes Eric and I cringe. Eric literally ran upstairs to hide after the 4th or 5th...maybe it was the 6th...showing of the video. In our defense, we have tried to turning it off. But if you've ever had a 2 year old who has free will with an independent soul, you can imagine the tantrum that occured in our living room when the screen went dark.
But then we found him playing...and realized he probably manipulated us (no probably about it) and today may have been more of a "mental illness" day, rather than a true "sick day".
The TV is now sleeping for the night.

Does he look sick to you??

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