Monday, December 24, 2012

Alexander writes the Christmas letter

We didn't send letters with our photo cards this year.  If we had, it might have looked something like this...

Merry Christmas!  You believe in Santa, don’t you?  Because there is a boy who sits at my table who told me there isn’t Santa and I told him to stop being ridicleous, OF COURSE there is a Santa and if he was going to be so naughty and lie, Santa wasn’t going to bring him anything.  So, I really hope you believe in Santa or else….
Mommy has been trying to write our Christmas letter for a few weeks but hasn’t been able to get it together.  I told her I would give it a shot.  I mean, you all want to hear about me anyhow, right?
I’m in Kindergarten now.  I love PE the most.  Mr. G is the best PE teacher (after my mom).  I love recess (I love, love, love making volcanos on the sandfield), reading with my book club (which I guess is way different than Mommy’s book club), and working on my math packets.  I am making new friends.  I go by Alex, I can write sentences, add and subtract numbers, and I like to color.  Accordingly to my teacher, my school behavior is awesome. 
My home behavior may not be as awesome but I definitely keep busy.  My newest favorite thing is Legos.   My favorite movie is Battleship.  My favorite color is red.  I like playing games on Mommy’s iPad.  I just finished swim lessons and start basketball in January.  I read every night before I go to bed, I have 5 chores I have to do, and I’m still a really picky eater because I’m allergic to peanut butter.  I was the ringbearer  in Jo-Jo’s wedding in August and looked very handsome in my tuxedo.  I turn 6 in January.  Addie is still my best friend.
My daddy stays home all day and takes care of our house while Mommy and I are at school.  Daddy is working on projects around the house.  He FINALLY finished the bathroom upstairs, fixed the gutters, and when it stops raining, he is going to fix the downstairs kitchen wall.   This summer, we are going to work in the yard and dig in the dirt.
Mommy is still working with the big kids at Liberty.  I go up and help them decorate the school whenever I can.  This year, she isn’t putting anyone in timeout because she says she isn’t a bad guy administrator (she spelled that for me) and is much happier.  Well, she is happier until she starts to think about her daddy and then she cries.  Ho-Ho Papa died in October after being sick for a long time and we miss him very much.  But I have a lot of a really good memories of him, like running errands, riding in his truck, and doing puzzles at his house.  I have playdates every week with my Ho-Ho Umma to help her cheer up, too.  I’m really good at cheering people up.
Guybrush is still our cat.  He wakes me up really early to go outside and plays with my Legos, too.  Big Papa and Little Umma are in Arizona for the winter and I can’t wait to visit them in February and go to Disneyland again.  Maybe next year, we will go to Disneyworld too, to visit my cousin Calvin, who laughed at lot at me when he was here. 
Merry Christmas!!
Love, Alex (and Mommy, and Daddy, and Guybrush)

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