Sunday, November 7, 2010

Playin' with the big kids

To say that Alexander loves going to my school is an understatement. The kid thinks he runs the place. Friday night, he had the chance to hang out with the big kids. One of our clubs was hosting "Date Night". I would have loved to say Eric and I went out to enjoy the date night but alas, I was on supervision duty. We decided Alexander would enjoy the kid activities, Eric would enjoy the evening off duty, and I'd take advatange enjoy the time to work in my office.
There were 14 kids in total. At first, the little man had a hard time settling in. Remember, he is used to having the run of the place to himself. So, while the other kids stood where they were supposed to, Alexander stood on the outside. He does like to do his own thing!

He hid behind the older kids when I tried to take his picture.

The older kids were smarter than him though, and introduced the parachute.

About this point, I decided things were going smoothy so I headed to my office. I spent the time writing letters of recommendation, writing emails, filing papers, grading ASB work, and cleaning. I checked in twice and each time I was informed by my son that everything was fine and I should go away. Hmm. Guess he was enjoying himself! Of course, I still had to take pictures!

Looks like another victim fell to his charms and did the work for him.
They decorated cookies.
According to my students, my son enjoyed the decorating and the frosting. But not the cookie.

My students reported that Alexander was a delight. He sat in the theater through the entire showing of Toy Story 3. I would think so since it was his copy of the movie they were using! They said he didn't really play with the other kids but was the cutest one there.

I agree!

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