Saturday, November 20, 2010

Funny Face

A conversation with Alexander about 6PM on Friday night:

Alexander: "Mommy, I want to see Ho-Ho Papa and Umma. It's been foreber since I was there" (keep in mind, he saw them on Wednesday).

Daddy: "Alexander, it is polite to be invited to visit people. We can't show up uninvited. Should we call so you can talk to Umma and Ho-Ho Papa.

Alexander, on the phone with Umma: "Umma, I haven't been to see you in a long, long time."

Umma: "It's been a long time since Wednesday."

Alexander: "Maybe you would want to see me tonight?"

Umma: "That would be fun."

Alexander: "Ok, Umma!"

He looks down and with a look of shock says, "But I'm in my jammies so it's going to be a few minutes. And I have to ask Mommy or Daddy to drive me."

At this point, Alexander took the phone and ran into his room, babbling uncoherently to Umma as he dressed himself. Eric and I couldn't stop laughing at how he manipulated three people into what he wanted. And then it got better...

Alexander: "Mommy, maybe at Umma and Ho-Ho Papa's, I could color."

Mommy (trying not to laugh): "Alexander, you can't color for 2 days. You drew purple crayon on our living carpet so we took them away, remember?"

Alexander: "Yea. I remember. But that wasn't at Ho-Ho Papa's house so I can color".

Mommy: "No, no coloring. Do you still want to go?"

Alexander: "Yea! Let's go. But no talking in the truck. I want to look at the countryside".

The kid is funny. Really, really funny.

Alexander took his own photo
November 2010

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Anonymous said...

Yes, he is and his comments just got funnier and funnier the whole time!