Thursday, October 30, 2008

And mom worries I don't socialize enough

After laying in bed for 2 days sweating, I finally seem to be back to normal. Well - as normal as I ever am. So when grandma showed up for our walk today, we looked at our rules, "1. Don't take alex to Soos creek when below 50." We looked outside at the temperature and it was 46. So we asked Alex what he wanted to do.

He neighed. So we looked at each other, gave awkward smiles of, "Oh this isn't going to go well when his hands turn pink...." and headed to the Soos Creek Trail.

He had a mini-meltdown when we got there because he wanted to drive grandma's car, but we bartered that he could on the way back. Our first stop was out our friends the goats.

After talking to them for 4 or 5 minutes we asked alex who he wanted to see next. "Neigh!" So onward we went to find the horses. They didn't come running. We were a bit disappointed, as we are everyday.

So then it was time to go back to the goats, then to the car. And sure enough....

They actually did some headbutting trying for the best position next to Alex, which makes him happy, but I somehow don't see mom liking it.

It must be hard being an irresistable child...(Well except to horses...)

Then Alex got what he was looking forward to all morning....

Then grandma left, and Alex took his nap. So here's a bonus picture of how I discovered him when I went to go let him out of his room.

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Uncle Patrick said...

Goats head-butting each other to get at that little guy? Sounds a lot like a family get together!!!
We miss you and love you!!!
Uncle Patrick and Auntie Lissa-