Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Come here and play with me!

Alexander has few words. "Ma-Ma", "Da-Da", "kitty", "ball", "hot", "bye-bye" are the main terms we hear on a daily basis. However, the kid gestures and uses sign language so well that I'm finally convincing myself that he isn't autistic (stupid MMR shot). For the most part, one can gather from facial expressions and body movements, what Alexander is trying to tell you...if you pay attention.

Lately, he has taken to grabbing on to a pant leg or shirt or hand or hair and dragging his victim/playmate to the next adventure. And if you don't go, our dear son becomes impatient and will scream incoherent babble at you until you respond. Once you and Alexander are playing, he is happy and content but God help you if you try to walk away.


Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

He's no dummy! He knows exactly how to get you to do what he wants. LOL

Shell said...

Teagan is the exact same!!