Sunday, October 12, 2008

We miss Daddy.

Daddy left on Friday to go hunting with Papa. They had buck tags so we knew it could take longer as finding bucks can be tough. In years past, the group has had at least one or two doe tags and would head home in 36 hours. This year, the scene is a little different for our hunters. Very few bucks seem to be eager to move into their sights so they are on day 3 of waiting and waiting and waiting.

Daddy isn't a big fan of Eastern Washington. I said to him, "it's the second visit to Pullman in a little over a year - how fun for you" and his response... "But this time I have a gun." Yep, not a big fan of the eastern side of the state.

Of course with all of this, we've had to be extra creative with childcare. If only it weren't Homecoming week at school and Mommy could have all these extra days with Alexander. Now she's feeling massive mommy guilt because she has to work. Fortunately, Alexander loves his grandparents and hasn't minded in the least that Mommy and Daddy have seemingly deserted him. I can't begin to imagine life as a single mom. Oy.

Hurry home, Daddy! We miss you!!

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