Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Day at the Zoo

Earlier this week, Alexander and I went to the zoo for a play date with Michelle and her boys. Michelle is a friend from college days. She has three boys so, while her oldest and her husband were at soccer camp, Michelle, Konley and Jack met us. We chatted, enjoyed the sun, walked for hours, and looked at all the "aminals".

Unfortunately, we don't have many pictures. I took a nearly-dead camera and Michelle used her phone camera.

The boys and Michelle checking out Happy Feet penguins

Alexander showing Michelle where the Happy Feet live

Alexander has to check out the map so we don't get lost.
"We're right HERE, Mommy!"

Konley and Jack after playing at the Zoonazium

The boys finally pose for us. Kinda.

Moo, Moo!

It was a wonderful morning.
We are so glad they were able to meet up with us.
Next up for a playdate with Michelle and the boys: a bouncy house!

1 comment:

chell said...

YEA! I am all for bouncy houses! Thanks for going with us, we all had a great day!