Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Go Baby, Go Baby!

It's Story Time!
The other day, we three head to Fry's, after taking a load of trash to the dump. Daddy wanted a new toy for the computer and we were along for the ride. For wives and children, the chances of fun at Fry's is never high as this store is definitely a man-haven. Anyhow, Daddy starts to wander aisles and the little man gets restless. We decide to split up to save time. I let Alexander take the lead on our adventure. Soon, we find ourselves heading towards the stereo systems. At this point, I don't realize where we are going because I'm focused on keeping an eye on a 34 inch tall child who runs at a surprisingly fast clip, while placing his hands on expensive items we can't afford to buy.

Then he stops. At first I don't realize why he has stopped and then it hits me. The force (music) is strong with this one. With the music pulsing out of the speakers, The Boy begins to dance. He bounces. He spins. He drops it like its hot. All the while, screaming in laughter and joy. Grandpa's stop to watch. Grandma's stopped to watch. Fathers stop and then continue their man-treks. Mother's rush by, busy chasing their own young ones. Soon a crowd gathers and before too long, three employees have surrounded him, bopping along to the music, calling out "Go Baby! Go Baby!".

And then it happens. Alexander freezes, looks around at the crowd, makes eye contact with Mommy, grins a wide grin, and starts doing "The Robot" (google this dance move if you don't know what it is - it's worth it). I couldn't stop laughing, people couldn't stop watching, and he loved every minute. This was the first moment in my life when I realized that I could have cared less what others thought because I saw pure happiness in my child.

As it turns out, the chances of fun at Fry's are VERY high when you are sixteen months old.

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Shell said...

I wish you had video!!!!!