Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Another basketball season comes to an end

Every few months, we ask Alexander if he wants to play a sport. 
"Want to play soccer?" 
 "No, I don't want to chase other kids around."
"Want to play baseball?" 
 "No, you told me to wait until 1st grade."
"Want to do swim lessons again?" 
"Not really.  I don't want to swim in the deep end."
"Want to play basketball?"
  "YES!  But only if I can be on Addie's team."
So, we set him up to be on Addie's team and coached by Addie's dad.
Monday nights became family night, as we all attended basketball practice.
Naturally, in order to spend more time with our friends, we drove together.
The first few practices showed us not only how much Alexander loved playing
but also how much work Coach Jeff had ahead of him!
Here's what we learned about Alexander during the basketball season:
He is coachable.
He support his teammates.
And he plays mean defense because
"I stick to them like glue."
Not a game passed that we didn't laugh at the antics that this 5/6 year old team brought to the floor.
Thanks for a great season, Alexander.

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