Sunday, March 3, 2013

Arizona Day 2

After a morning of swimming, we headed to the Desert Bar for lunch.
Oh, the Desert Bar.
When I say Desert Bar, I mean DESERT. BAR. 
A bar in the middle of the desert.
It was awesome.
It may not seem like much. 
Every piece was dragged in by the owner, there is no electricity, and the place takes care of itself. 
Super hippieville.
It was awesome.
The day we showed up the place was PACKED.  See those bleachers in the front in the above picture?  That is where we ended up sitting because we couldn't find an open seat at the 100 tables they had set out.
While we baked in the sun, Eric stood in line for multiple beverages (he's the guy on the far left of the bar).
There was a live band.  They were from LA and have been performing at the Desert Bar on President's weekend for years.  Just our luck.
I loved everything about the sunshine.
Alexander did not.
As long as Eric had a drink in his hand, he tolerated the heat.
Well, not really.  We left after about an hour or so.
Alexander and Umma were ready to spend time together.
I spent the rest of the afternoon with this view, chasing the sun with my lounge chair.
While Alexander spent his afternoon building a volcano and Daddy hung out in the shade.
Cause what else do you do when you are a boy and surrounded with dirt and rocks?
It was awesome.

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