Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Disneyland Day 1

It is about a four hour drive from Parker, Arizona to Anaheim, California.  This is the third time we've done this trek, but Eric was around this year to enjoy it with us.  Fortunately, traffic was light and we cruised to our final destination.
Before long, we were in the park and ready for some Disney fun!

The magic of walking down Main Street.
How cute are those Mickey Mouse ears?!
Autotopia is ALWAYS our first ride.
The kid loves it.
And so does Umma!
From there, we FINALLY convinced the-finally-tall-enough-6 year old to ride Space Mountain.
He tried it.
He loved it.
Game over!
The last time we visited Disneyland, Alexander insisted Go-Go Gadget was his all-time favorite ride. 
He insisted he was going to enjoy it just as much this time.
Daddy and Alexander rode it together after Space Mountain.
After which, Alexander declared, "its just a little too slow for me."
He's growing up.
So, we headed back over to Space Mountain for another ride.
And then to Star Tours.
Oh, how he LOVED that one!
Right across the way was Astro Blasters, which is a fun shooting game. 
Eric and I are SUPER competitive when we play this game.
It's all smiles before we start shooting.
Alexander and his grandparents are a little more about having fun.
And everyone keeps smiling!
Another of Alexander's favorite is the monorail.
Daddy asked the train conductor if we could ride in the nose of the train.
 I think the little man lost his mind when the the answer was yes.
It's actually pretty cool riding up front as you can see everything coming.
After a delightful dinner at Tortilla Joes, we headed back to the park.
Alexander insisted we ride Peter Pan.
I didn't argue because this one is my favorite ride.
The line was fairly long so we took pictures as we waited.
Again, with the ears.
I love them.
A few more rides.  A few more lines.
So much fun.
As with all good things, the night came to a close.
Until tomorrow.....

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