Thursday, March 7, 2013

Disneyland Day 2

Thursday morning, we were up and at it nice and early in order to beat the crowds.  The group decided California Adventure was today's destination.  Our initial plan was to ride the new Cars ride in Radiator Springs as soon as it opened.  Little did we know the ride would be closed for most of the morning.  So, Mommy stood in line to get Fastpasses for the ride, while the others rode Tower of Terror.  About an hour into waiting, Umma and Mommy tag teamed so Mommy could ride Soarin' Over California. 
Little did Umma know she would end up going on the ride with us!
From there, we hit ride after ride at the park.
Umma, Big Papa and Daddy finally needed a nap.
Alexander and Mommy thought otherwise and kept going!
Two thumbs up for Space Mountain!
Our annual carousel ride.
A sweet treat for a sweet boy.
Alexander and Mommy met up with the others for a little cocktail time and then it was back to the park.
It was time to visit Radiator Springs!
Disney really hit it out of the park with the new Cars ride and the look of Radiator Springs.
It was fantastic.
Another magical day with Disney!!

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