Sunday, March 10, 2013

Disneyland Day 3 and 4

And the fun keeps going!
The final two days of our adventure included early wake ups, standing in long lines, riding awesome rides, afternoon naps back at the hotel, and then back at the park for a few more hours.
Star Tours
Waiting for the Tiki Room
Nap Time.
Pool Time.
Waiting for the gates to open for Saturday's early entry

We moved quickly from ride to ride.
On Saturday night, the little man spent the evening with his grandparents so Mommy and Daddy could enjoy a date night and celebrate their anniversary.
Sixteen years of marriage and Disneyland still remains our favorite vacation site.
We enjoyed dinner at the Blue Bayou and met up with Derrick for the evening.
Derrick is a close family friend working as a Disney intern.
It was fun to enjoy the park from an insiders point of view.
Our adventure came to an end early Sunday morning . Umma and Big Papa dropped us off at the airport and headed back to Parker.  They will be home in three weeks and their grandson cannot wait for their return.
Here's one final picture from our trip.
Someone is now in love with airplanes. 

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