Thursday, March 21, 2013

Inaugral Throwback Thursday

First few days of our life with Alexander.
January 2007
The days in the hospital passed by in a flurry of non-stop visitors, little sleep, and a lot of getting to know one another.
So many people excited to meet and love on our little man. 
No one more excited than Mommy and Daddy.
This picture makes me laugh everytime. 
I imagine Alexander is saying, "no more pictures, people."
Alexander meets his grandparents.
Alexander meets Auntie Joanne and Grandma Great
Alexander meets Auntie Kimmie and Lorelli
A few lady friends stopped by to meet our prince.
and Jo-Jo.

Alexander and Mommy hung out during the day,
and Daddy and Alexander hung out at night.

Finally, our family of three headed home.

For the final introduction of a boy
and his cat.

An amazing beginning of a new chapter in our lives.

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