Monday, March 4, 2013

Arizona Day 3

On another beautiful Arizona day, we climbed into the truck and headed to Oatman, Arizona.
What does Oatman, Arizona have to offer, you might ask? 
It's a mining town.  With burros.  And you have to drive on Route 66 to get there.
Pitstop on Route 66!
How does my son not like sunshine?
I just don't get it.....
Once in town, we found a burro almost immediately....about a dozen of them.
They literally walk the streets of this town like they own the place.
So, we decided we would walk the streets of this town like we owned the place.
Three generations.
This had to happen.
So did this.
It was a grand adventure.
We were back to the RV park by mid afternoon.
More sunshine.
More volcano building.
Met wonderful people.
Fed some few ducks.
I'd like to tell you that seagull in the upper corner ate out of his hand.
I'll let you decide if that is truth or not.
And enjoyed a fun razor ride around the park.
Another great day in Arizona.
Tomorrow: DISNEYLAND!!

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