Thursday, April 15, 2010

OPERATION: Sleeping In

In the latest Parenting magazine (and by latest, I mean either Feb, March or April issue because I finally found time to read the past three issues), there was an article about sleeping in while your toddler entertains themself in the mornings.

I'm sold.

Even though our house isn't conducive to sleeping in with a master bedroom located in a loft over the living room, I do love the idea of laying in bed and slowly waking up, rather than an abrupt wake up from a three year old screaming in my face. Even if it is the cutest three year old ever.

OPERATION: Sleeping In will begin Phase I this weekend.
  • First step is to discuss this with Alexander. To explain to him that he is old enough to be on his own in the mornings and "do it all by himself", which goes hand in hand with his current independent streak.
  • Breakfast foods will be set out on table the night before with a full milk sippy in the fridge. He will select the breakfast food the night before so this becomes a part of the nighttime routine.
  • TV will be set to cartoon channel the night before. Again, part of the night time routine will be setting the channel and Alexander putting the remote controls where he wants them for the morning.
  • Alexander will be told the red buttons on remotes will turn on his cartoons (I assume this will be the most difficult step and will require practice). I may end up putting stickers on the buttons.
  • Additional discussion regarding playing alone in the mornings will definitely occur.
  • I'm debating putting a clock in his room so he can learn to stay downstairs until 7 or even 8. I'm not sure we're ready for this step.

I am realistic enough to know this plan may not take full effect until the summer months. But this morning, he woke up at 5:15, came upstairs to see both parents asleep (I might have peeked), and quietly went to his playroom to play for the next hour. It is my ultimate goal to have him fully trained by the time we have our master room built this fall. The very idea of sleeping in makes me giddy. Giddy, I say.

Any other suggestions for us?

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chell said...

we do the same thing with the boys. We have gotten them to the point where they don't actually come out of their rooms until 8 or 8:30, depending upon when they went to bed the night before. Even Jack reads the digital (MATER) clock and doesn't get up. Going to the bathroom is always allowed, but going down to tv is not. Konley is usually up and will read. We found that without the time Keegan was getting up earlier and earlier on Sat/Sun just to watch tv. Especially since it isn't allowed in the morning before school. He will love the independence...and you will love the sleep! Good luck!