Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Easter

Since our immediate family was traveling/recovering from vacation on Easter Sunday, the rest of family graciously offered to host Easter a week later. That way, we could keep the tradition strong AND celebrate Jo-Jo's birthday.

For 38 years, I have hunted for plastic eggs filled with coins and paper plates with hard boiled eggs (with our names written on each egg), in my grandparents playroom. I'm not sure we have ever missed an Easter in that playroom. And this is the one tradition I looked forward to the most when I found out we were pregnant. I couldn't wait to watch my son walk through the playroom, searching for plastic eggs and squealing with delight when he found his plate. Just like I did (and still do) with the people I love the most.

Casey and Fidelia will have an almost-one-year old next Easter!
I can already picture her toddling around the room in her sweet Easter dress.

Li-Li found her basket...

...and couldn't wait to count the coins with Ho-Ho Papa (yes, she had quite the haul!)

By the time I found my camera to take pictures of Alexander with his basket, he had moved on to the wooden toys Grandma Great had pulled out for him. My grandfather made wooden toys. Alexander LOVES to play with the ones on the shelves so imagine the delight of finding THREE huge bins full when he arrived today.
Thanks Grandma Great!

This year the Easter Bunny (Ho-Ho Papa) put on a different show for my generation. Once Li-Li and Alexander found their plates and all the plastic eggs were collected, my generation was told they could begin looking for their plates...hidden throughout the rest of the house!
Whoa! New twist to the tradition. It rocked.

Jo-Jo's boyfriend was a great sport. I truly hope this is the first of many Easter plates for Zak.

Thanks Easter Bunny!

*there are no photos of the birthday girl with Alexander because she's in the midst of a crazy hair treatment to straighten her curls. Our relationship would have ended if I posted any pictures of her today. Just trust me*.

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