Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Great Mastermind

Alexander's daddy is Peter Pan - the boy that never wants to grow up. Hence, he is the perfect playmate for Alexander. But he wants me to make sure everyone know he does not wear tights with a skirt.

Alexander's mommy is Wendy - the first born who follows the rules. Hence, she is the perfect peacemaker between the boys. And she does wear tights with a skirt.

There was really only one ride Eric wanted Alexander to ride on this trip.
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

However, there is a height requirement of 40". Alexander stands at a mere 38" with shoes on.

But those mere 2" did not deter our Peter Pan from his goal of riding on BTTM with his son.

The Great Mastermind deduced that if Alexander wore his cowboy boots with a heel, and he stuffed the shoes with extra socks, and if we rode it first thing while the workers were tired, and if we carried him for most of the line, we would be able to put Alexander on that ride.

So he did.
And it worked.

Although he did tell us that he liked going fast and around and around, Alexander didn't want to ride it again. Personally, I think if the fake waterfall hadn't dripped on him (which he will tell you was the worst part of the ride), I think we could have gotten him on it again.

Wendy loves that her Peter Pan is the rule breaker. If she were to have had her way, the ride never would have been attempted, Alexander would never have known the thrill of our favorite ride, and Eric wouldn't have had the fun of breaking the rules.

We look forward to telling Alexander the story of the first time he rode BTTM and how the Great Mastermind put it together for him.

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