Sunday, April 4, 2010

Disneyworld 2010

Or, what we have dubbed as, "The Second Happiest Place on Earth".

Again, I went crazy with the camera. I have over 150 pictures to sort through as well as endless stories from this last week.

I had it in my head that I would blog every night. However, without Internet access, blogging is a tad bit difficult. No worries, I said to myself, I will write it on a word document every night and transfer it when we get home.

I did that for night.

I was just too tired from our busy, fun days to blog at night.

So, the goal is to blog about it every night this week.

That being said, here is Day 1 (copy and pasted from the lovely word document created in Florida).

Day 1 - The Plane Ride

Bye-Bye, Rain!

We are in awe of our son's patience when it comes to vacation travels. From the moment he woke up til the moment he laid his head down, our son never lost his smile and zest for adventure. We were at the airport, through security, and waiting for our plane by 8AM. Ho-Ho Papa and Umma were on the same flight so it was double excitement once he saw their faces. By 10AM, we were strapped into our seats and on our way!

The plan ride was scheduled for a little over five hours. Alexander watched movies. We read books. He made trips to first class where his grandparents were seated and entertained everyone around him. Since it was spring break, there were several children on the flight. Whenever Alexander heard one cry, he would say, "who made that noise?" and cover his ears. But not once did he cry.
He asked when we were going to land about a hundred times but I'll take that over a crying baby. Any day.

At the end of the flight, a thunderstorm hovered over the Orlando airport so it was temporarily closed. We spent about 45 minutes, flying in circles, and for a short time we thought we were going to be diverted to Jacksonville. Not the ideal location to land when you have a tired toddler and an adult who needs kidney dialysis but hey, we were ready to for it.

We're on vacation. We're ready to take things as they come.

However, the airport did open. We grabbed a couple of rental cars, found the condo, greeted family who had arrived hours earlier and headed out for dinner and drinks.

It was the first time all 10 of us had been together in the past two years.

And yes, I am kicking myself for not taking a picture of us all together.

After dinner, Kim and RJ spent the evening at the grocery store, armed with three separate shopping lists so each condo would be ready for the week. So, we took the kids back to our room. Alexander took a bath and then the kids curled up in our bed to watch movies.

Tomorrow should be a great adventure with Animal Kingdom on the agenda. And lots of time with Uncle Patrick and Auntie Lissa!!

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