Tuesday, April 6, 2010


When going through the last week's mail, I found a thank-note from a birthday party we attended before we left on vacation. And it hit me.

I never sent out thank-notes from Alexander's birthday party.

The kid's birthday is in January.

Four months ago.

It is so unlike me to let something like this pass by and I have absolutely no excuses.

I wonder what the etiquette is for sending out belated thank you notes for a three year old's birthday party. I know you have up to a year for a wedding but I'm not sure Miss Manners has a rule for my faux-pax.

I also haven't sent out his 3 year old pictures, either.

I fear I have become the mom I never wanted to become. You know the one. The one who neglects to send thank you notes. Or pictures of her kid. The one who has no crafty skills so she freaks over perfectionism when it does come to the notes to family and friends and then it completely slips her mind in the midst of two vacations and a 40 hour work week (by the way, this is when your empathy begins to ebb away at your anger for not receiving a note and you start to feel the stirring of forgiveness).

Alexander is loving all the gifts. The books, bath toys, Tinker Toys, and trucks have been perfect for indoor winter days. And we're looking forward to the warmer weather when we can use the sprinkler, tool set during the remodeling, the wheelbarrow and the gardening tools outside in the yard.

Needless to say, I am embarrassed. And I vow to make it up to those of you who graciously gave our son a gift on this birthday.

As soon as I figure out what is the perfect crafty thank you note.

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