Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Busy Week in Toddlerville

check out the gal chewing on the tree limb!

The deer have returned. We realize this isn't really Alexander-blog worthy but the arrival of the herd signals the start of spring for us. Spring time means outside projects and lots of Vitamin D! Hours of yardwork, trips to local parks, and a possible house remodel (fingers crossed!) are planned for the next few months and we are ready!

A few of our recent projects...
  • Fingerpainting! Target was having a sale on artwork stuff and I figured the boys needed a new project. Umma, Alexander and Daddy set up on the porch on a sunny afternoon and the boy went crazy with the paints! The final projects are hanging on the walls in our house because I can't figure out what to do with them, other than add them to the recyling bin and I don't have the heart to do so...not yet.

  • A new sandbox! Thanks to Ho-Ho Papa and Umma's Christmas gift, HOURS of entertainment have ensued on the deck. We brought it home over the weekend, filled it with sand and tada! Alexander's new playtoy. Seriously. Seven hours of fun. In one day.

  • This picture really has nothing to do with spring time. Unless you think back to your college days and the spring toga party that may or may not have occured. I think this could make for a senior picture in the yearbook, eh?

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