Saturday, April 10, 2010

Animal Kingdom

First up on our Disneyworld Adventure: Animal Kingdom
This is the only family photo from the trip!

Uncle Patrick started his Florida career driving the safari cars on the safari ride.

Thus, we decided it should be our first ride of the trip.

Since standing in lines is huge part the Disneyworld adventure, most of our pictures were taken in line!

HINT: Go early on the safari ride because they feed the animals in the morning. Last time we came, Eric and I saw very few animals because it was a hot afternoon. This time, animals were EVERYWHERE. So cool.

From there, we headed into Dinosaur Land (or whatever that area is called). Not many rides for a three year old. However, there was one that is very similar to Dumbo. Umma and Ho-Ho Papa joined us while we waited for the rest to finish their ride on Mt. Everest.

After a morning of rides, we settled down for lunch. We most definitely did NOT receive the parents of the year award from this trip. Alexander ate chicken nuggets and french fries. Every day. For just about every meal. But meals were spent with family so it was worth it. Uncle Patrick and Alexander sang the ABC song. A lot.

After lunch, the family split up for the afternoon. Kim, RJ and Lorelli continued to play at Animal Kingdom. Umm and Ho-Ho Papa went back to the condo with Patrick. And we headed over to Magic Kingdom, with a toddler who was more than ready to ride toddler-sized rides.

Like a woo-woo train.

And a roller coaster.

And then we were done.

Until dinner later that night...

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