Monday, April 26, 2010

Just Keep Swimming...Just keep Swimming...

Thanks to the loving, generous P, my childhood friend, Alexander and his best friend Addie are taking swim lessons (FOR FREE!).

Here the two of them are waiting as patiently as three year olds can possibly wait to leave for lessons this afternoon.

We've learned the two of them need to spend time together BEFORE an event or they end up chasing each other and screaming.

When we arrived, P was already in the pool. So, we strapped on the floatie devices and the two sat to wait their turn.

Addie is a natural in the water. She actually seemed irritated to be held by Miss P but she was a great sport.

Alexander, on the other hand, took a bit of time adjusting to the lessons. In all honestly, he finally loosened up, once he saw how well Addie was doing. It is a blessing to have the two of them take lessons together.

he was so focused on that boat!

We have two little independent toddlers on our hands so it makes the parents feel better knowing that our babies are learning the skills to keep them safe.

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