Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why? Why? Why?

Google "why does a toddler ask why?" and you may see this picture of two worn out parents.

I'm kidding, of course.

I actually did Google this question and it appears I'm not the only parent wondering and looking for reassurance that this is just a phase. The most logical answer I could find is, "Your child's inquisitiveness is a signal that her mind is expanding quickly, and that she's curious about the world. She's starting to understand the concept of cause and effect — that there's a reason for almost everything. It's also a way for her to engage you in conversation, and keep you talking." ( So, even though the she is a he in our case, this asking why thing is very normal. And I tell ya, if Alexander is trying to keep us engaged in conversation, it is working!

When I was growing up, a family friend told me countless times about a little girl who asked why in every conversation. Why do cows moo? Why does the sun shine? He thought the little girl was the cutest thing and would engage her in endless why question conversations. Every single time Alexander asks why, I think of Cal's stories and laughter. And wonder why (even now, I still ask why) he thought I was so freaking cute during that stage

"Alexander, if you're going to go outside, please put a coat and boots over your pajamas".
"Alexander, the kitty doesn't want to go in your tent".
"Alexander, Polar Express fell off the train tracks so let's read a book instead."
"Alexander, please don't try to feed the kitty your green beans. He doesn't seem to like them either."
"Alexander, I love you to the moon and back."

I'm sure the day will come when our son no longer wants to actively engage his parents in conversation. That we will be lucky to have face to face interactions that likely result in answers like "fine", "ok", and "I said I'd do it".

And on that day, I'll be the one asking "Alexander, why did you have to grow up? You used to be so cute."

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Auntie said...

And when he reaches the "fine" stage he's more then welcome to come and live with Auntie!!