Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Today's Adventures

Another gorgeous sunny day in Arizona.

The little man was up at 4AM. And didn't go back to sleep. Oh, he tried. But each time I checked on him, he would say, "hard sleep, mama". At one point, I even tried having him lay down beside me. As you know we DO NOT cosleep so it was fascinating to lay there beside him for about an hour. An hour in which he stayed awake and talked to me about the alarm clock numbers. A second hour in which he and I quietly sang every song we could think of. Finally, he went back to his bed, only to toss and turn for another hour. Eventually, Big Papa took him from the room and let Mommy sleep in a bit. After a good morning run by Mommy, everyone finally showered and put together, we piled into the truck to drive to the hills to look for burros. And within 20 minutes, this is what we saw...

Alexander fast asleep while the rest of us gazed upon burros.
As it turns out, these are the descendants of mules from the mining days in the late 1800's (didn't know you'd receive a history lesson, eh?). There were about 10 of the little guys covering the hill. Alexander did wake up at one point to see them but wanted to get back to Big Papa and Umma's house. Nothing else really seems to matter to the kid.

When we returned to Big Papa and Umma's house, I tried to put Alexander down for a nap but needless to say, napping is NOT on Alexander's agenda for this trip. And who can blame him with the weather SO nice? Even Mommy, who should have napped after a restless night, sat outside in a lawn chair to soak up the rays.

(yes, I adjusted the chair so it was in the sun all afternoon)

So, Mommy and Alexander ventured to the river. Alexander played, made sandcastles, and fed the ducks.

We put our feet in the Colorado River (look closely - it's his right foot).

Now, we're headed out to a bonfire to celebrate our last night at Big Papa and Umma's house. Hopefully, we haven't been terrible house guests and will be invited back next year.

Tomorrow is a HUGE day! Daddy flies down to LA and will meet us for the last part of this adventure.


Ok, it is Alexander's first trip but boy are we excited.

I truly can't wait to view the magic through his eyes. I'm sure he'll be overtired. I'm sure someone will have a meltdown. I'm sure we'll need naps. But the magic will be in the air.
It almost brings tears to my eyes to think about Eric and I sharing our favorite vacation place with our child.

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